7 Continents, 5 Oceans

Copywork: The Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is. Exodus 20:11

You can sing this song to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean:

Oh, God made beautiful oceans.  Yes, God made wonderful seas.

Let’s sing the names of the ocean

and you can learn them with me:

Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern, too!

Arctic, Atlantic, Pacific, Indian and Southern, too!

Below is a map from an old school geography book.  What do you notice?


I suppose you might notice a number of things, but what I’m look for is the Southern ocean.  It’s not there!  The Southern ocean was ‘created’ around 2000  when the International Hydrographic Organization decided it made more sense to map bits of the southern ends of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans together around the continent of Antarctica, and that ocean is the Southern.  There’s a coloured map of the oceans here.

Not everybody agrees with the IHO, and most National Geographic maps don’t show the Southern Sea, just the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans extending to Antarctica.

There’s also a song for the seven continents- I like this one because it goes in order from the largest to the smallest.  The tune is The Adams Family theme song:

There’s Asia, and there’s Africa,

North, then South America

Antarctica, Europe, Australia

There are seven continents!

There are some printable maps you can print and have the children colour and label here.
 Another fun way to map the countries is to put up a large wall map.  When you finish a book or story make a miniature book cover for it (maybe an index card folded in half. The kids should illustrate it. Put this on the wall somewhere around the perimeter of th emap and attach some yarn or string from the book cover to its geographical setting on the map.

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