Political theater

Democrats Pocan, Jaypal, and Espaillat will vote no on the abolish ICE bill if it’s brought to the floor.

  • Why is that particularly significant?

It is their bill.  These are the same three Democrat Representatives who introduced the Abolish ICE bill in the first place.


Why would they introduce a bill they do not want brought to the floor and will vote against if it is?

This is their explanation:  https://www.google.com/amp/thehill.com/homenews/house/396818-dems-say-theyll-vote-no-on-their-abolish-ice-legislation%3famp

I dunno. Fundraising? The publicity of publicly introducing the bill gets votes at home and nobody notices their quiet sleight of hand?

Magic, Inc by Heinlein- read it.

In one segment, Archie, the narrator, goes to watch the Assembly in action. That body is discussing a resolution to censure the tar and feathering of some agricultural workers the previous month. He’s told it won’t take long because the people proposing the resolution don’t really want it passed, but the Central Labor Council had demanded it and these particular legislators are labor-supported, so they need the resolution for political lubricant. The Labor Council didn’t really want it anymore, either, because they hadn’t realized at the time that the ‘agricultural workers’ were actually only mandrakes (fake humans in this fantasy story), illegal to create, illegal to employ, and competition for their own workers.

So what happened is every member present got up and spoke strongly in favor of the resolution, and then somebody suggested tabling the resolution until later, and they had a voice vote on that- and every single person who spoke so stoutly in favor of the resolution also voted for tabling the discuss, so it passed. This should sound familiar.

Next is a discussion of a proposed treaty with the gnomes for extracting the natural gas in their lands. One representative stands and is all for it. Eventually, another stands and is all against it. He has no particular interest in oil, but several of his constituents have business interests with a different oil company.

Then there’s a bill to outlaw every sort of magic- the bill’s sponsor speaks at length about why this should be done, then, without further discussion, the bill was voted on and passed unanimously. This puzzles Archie greatly, but his friend, who has joined him, explains that the sponsor needs to introduce the bill to appeal to his own constituents, and everybody’s agreed to let him do that, but they all know the bill is now going to the committee where it will die a quite and ignominious death. Sadly, I think this explains a number of pro-life bills and subsequent defeats. It could be the explanation here, too.

You don’t really believe these political posers care about kids, right?

They all care most about being re-elected.

(Later they explain lobbyists to Archie- lobbyists are the ‘third house’ (senate, congress, and lobbyists, which is what we have today as well), and that many of the lobbyists are not human- they are mandrakes. That would explain a lot.)

What’s really fascinating is that this was first published in 1940.

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