The iconic photo of toddler separated from her mom

More on that iconic photo of the little girl ‘separated’ from her mother:
Not only was she never separated from her mom (in the photo she was set down for a few minutes while her mom was patted down)… but:

She *was* separated from her daddy and three older siblings when her mother made the decision to pay a coyote 6,000 dollars to take her and one of her children on that journey.

Her father says he has a good job and he was not in favor of this trip, which his wife made without consulting him. He says he’d like his family back. Does anybody care that she was separated from her daddy and siblings by her mother?  Should you be able to take your children to another country without the knowledge or permission of the other parent?  That is illegal for Americans.

There seems to be no compelling or legal reason for claiming asylum needs. She isn’t fleeing persecution or economic stress.

More in the article:

Now, here’s the thing – this is his side. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. There are some indications in the story that their relationship is strained and we do not know why.   But that need to avoid jumping to conclusions was also true of that iconic photo which had nothing to do with a child being separated from her mother by our government. Yet people not only jumped to false conclusions over it, they called people names and castigated the character of everyone who disagreed with them.

And everything we thought we knew about this picture is wrong.

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  1. LAnon
    Posted June 23, 2018 at 10:01 am | Permalink

    I started following your blog when you wrote about an unpopular group (FLDS) had their children removed from their homes. I admired your thinking then. I have at times delighted in your thoughts and other times disagreed. What happened to that woman? That picture on the cover of Time represented the anguish that our county’s lack of a humane, well thought out immigration policy is causing many children, not just those separated from the parents. I don’t know why the mother left her husband but you know from your family background there may be more than one reason a mother would run with her child. $6000 is no small sum to come up with no matter where you live, that indicates desperation to me. Asylum seekers are typically the ones who have had their children separated from them, doubling the anguish they are dealing with. We are a conflicted nation. On one hand we want the cheap products that result from illegal immigrants who are willing to work both under the table and with over the table with false identities. If we didn’t there would not be industries that employee them. On the other hand, we seem to fear “they”will steal seem something from us, goods and services, we don’t think they deserve. Our treatment of the “strangers among us” is immoral and I believe God will judge us for that treatment and find us wanting.

    • Headmistress
      Posted June 24, 2018 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

      That woman is still here, and I am still a logical person who likes the truth, and lies are lies, and when people are lying to me I want to know why. I was writing about the immigrant children and their plight two years ago, so I am more than a bit cynical about those who suddenly think it’s a problem.
      That child was not a metaphor. She is a real child, who was never removed from her mother and it is dishonest to pretend she was. Times acknowledged that slightly and issued a correction, acknowledging that they originally claimed she had been removed and she wasn’t. We cannot honestly determine what is happened and arrive at honest and real solutions that address the problems if we are going to rely on emotional manipulation, propaganda, and outright lies as ‘facts.’ So far, I have not seen a single photograph purporting to be about Trumps policies that was true- the majority of them have turned otu to be photographs and stories from Obama’s presidency, or pictures like this child, where what is actually happening is not the media frenzy is pushing at all. Can you just stop and ask yourself, why is it that all the photographs are NOT what we are told? One set is actually a photograph from a refugee camp in MOsul and it’s been passed around captioned as a result of Trump’s policy. Come on. Why are they lying so hard?

      Yes, there could be legit reasons she fled her husband, although if they are the kind of reasons you hint at, I find it hard to be sympathetic over leaving her other three young children with him (the youngest of the abandoned children is six, the oldest only 14). The article is just his side and we don’t know whether she would agree or not- But that is the point of the holding process, taking the time to determine what the truth is. Her child is with her while that process is happening.

      I have been trying to find out exactly what the numbers are of children Trump’s policies have separated from their families. A few years ago Obama’s administration advertised for a private agency willing to take in alien children not with their parents, and he said they needed to be able to accomodate 65,000 children (!). The media didn’t much care. Yet the largest number I can find to accuse Trump is 2500, and that is from an activist site that also acknowledges their figure includes children who were not with their parents at all (some were unaccompanies and others were with smugglers and human traffickers), and children who were separated because their parents had committed other crimes besides illegal border crossing. And 2500 is about half of one percent of the number of American kids in foster care every year.

      A number of those crossing are criminals, serious criminals. We have no need to import more crime. There is nothing immoral about asking people whose first act on entering the country is to break the law to wait in a holding place and holding pattern while we make sure they are who they say they are and are coming for the reasons they say they are coming. It is not mistreating ‘strangers among us.’

      The laws do need to be changed, and we need more immigration judges and better processing as well as stricter enforcement of the laws we do have. Congress can and should fix it. Leaving it to executive orders is not a solution.
      Just recently 11 gang members from El Salvador were arrested for the kidnapping, torture, and brutal murder of two teenagers. ten of those ‘strangers among us’ came here illegally. If they had been stopped at the border and deported, it is likely those children would be alive. I think the fact that they weren’t is immoral. My heart breaks for the families and friends of those murdered teens, and the other ‘Angel families’ who are being ignored, and even mocked by those

      Just because ‘we’ want cheap products from exploited immigrant labour willing to work under the table and using stolen identities (what about the people whose identities are being exploited this way?), doesn’t mean we deserve it or should reward it. If we stop illegal immigration or reduce it, taking it seriously, we will pay the higher prices. And the truth is, illegal aliens do steal = they use resources intended for citizens and paid for by citizens, they depress the labour market for the poorest labourors (mostly blacks get priced out of the market by illegal aliens).

      Nations having borders and laws about who comes and goes and who is a citizen and who isn’t is not immoral.

  2. Lisa Beth W.
    Posted June 26, 2018 at 9:26 am | Permalink

    Well said, DHM. We absolutely have to start first with a ground of truth and look reality in the face before we can know what we are dealing with and what to do next. That is sadly extremely hard to do in our age of misinformation and manipulation. I always appreciate your research in these things.

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