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Security Officer at Parkland School Had Been In Trouble For Sexually Harassing Students

Just when you think it cannot get worse… Mr. Medina, one of the Security Monitors at Stoneman Douglas school, one who spotted the shooter on campus before the shooting started, knew he didn’t belong there, and though it was suspicious enough to radio ahead a warning to another security monitor but did nothing to stop […]

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How Nice Has Changed

From Webster’s 1828: Nice NICE, adjective [G. To eat dainties or sweetmeats] 1. Properly, soft; whence, delicate; tender; dainty; sweet or very pleasant to the taste; as a nice bit; nice food. 2. Delicate; fine; applied to texture, composition or color; as cloth of a nice texture; nice tints of color. 3. Accurate; exact; precise; […]

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Reading Widely

A wise education and so judicious reading should leave no great type of thought, no dominant phase of human nature, wholly a blank. Whether our reading be great or small, so far as it goes it should be general. If our lives admit of but a short space for reading, all the more reason that, […]

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Butterflies and poets

  The camera is just a sepia toned shadow of the real image.  The butterfly (or moth) was far more brilliantly toned than shows here. It really reflected back the red of the gate.   Somehow, I was reminded of the Juan Carlos Williams poem: so much depends upon a red wheel barrow glazed with […]

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Indiana butterfly Drunk on nature-brewed mulberry wine. #BeautyInTheWorld #HolyMoments

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