Poetry for the Plucky

The Grasshopper and The Crickets

A grasshopper once had a game of tag

With some crickets that lived near by,

When he stumbled his toe, and over he went
Too quickly to see with your eye.

Then the cricket leaned up against a fence,
And chirped till their sides were sore,

But the grasshopper said, ‘You are laughing at me,
And I won’t play any more. ‘

So off he went, tho’ he wanted to stay,

For he was not hurt by his fall,

And the gay little crickets went on with the game

And never missed him at all.

A bright eyed squirrel called out as he passed,

Swinging from trees by his toes,

” What a foolish fellow that grasshopper it,

Why he’s bitten off his own nose.”
Little Foes of Little Boys.

“By and by” is a very bad boy ;

Shun him at once and forever; F

or they who travel with ” By and by,”

Soon come to the house of ” Never.”

“I can’t” is a mean little coward;

A boy that is half of a man;

Set on him a plucky wee terrier

That the world know and honors—” I can.”

” No use in trying.”—nonsense I say,

Keep trying until you succeed;

But if you should meet “I forget,” by the way,

He’s a cheat, and you’d better take heed.

“Don’t care” and  “No matter,” boys, they’re a pair,

And whenever you see the poor dolts,

Say ” Yes, we do care,” and it would be “great matter,”

If our lives should be spoiled by such faults.



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  1. 6 arrows
    Posted May 31, 2018 at 5:11 pm | Permalink


    ”No use in trying.”—nonsense I say,

    Keep trying until you succeed;

    …reminds me of T. H. Palmer’s poem Try, Try Again, which I’ve seen online with slight variations. It’s also in The Children’s Book of Virtues and in Rod & Staff’s Poems for Memorization.

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