New Group Alphabet Game

You need a box of letters- scrabble tiles are fine, or use alphabet blocks. Players need to be old enough to know a variety of place names and what letter they start with.

The number of players is irrelevant, although more than 3 is probably more fun.

The oldest person in the group draws a tile and quickly turns it letter up on the table. The first person in the group calls out a place name takes the tile. The place name can be the name of a country, a city, a mountain, lake, river, island- any geographical location.

Play continues until all the tiles are drawn, and the one with the most tiles wins.

To continue- You can either have the person who caught the tile pull one next, or go in a circle, or, like bingo, just have one person be the ‘caller’
If you have younger players who know their letters but aren’t quick enough to have a fighting chance at calling out places, they can take turns drawing the tiles and telling everybody the letters. If they don’t know their letters, they can just be the ones to draw a tile and put it face up on the table.

You could also do titles of books, historical people, people or places in the Bible, plants, or any other subject your group of players knows something about.

To make it a short game, just play with fewer tiles. If you have somebody who wins all the time, you could handicap them by not permitting them to answer more than 3 times in a row (if they forget and blurt out a name they have to give a tile to the person to their left, or the youngest player, or return it to the pile)

You could also do this in a language class, or in a family where you’re studying another language together. Pull a tile and say a word in the new language that starts with that letter or sound. For more language practice, make a list of the words everybody says and at the end of the game try to make a sentence using as many of them as possible.

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