Mayonnaise free potato salad


Boil or steam small potatoes, and while warm, peel and slice thin.  Chop some parsley and dice an onion and add to the sliced potatoes.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper and toss.  Then pour over two or three dessert spoonfuls of oil, or melted butter can be used,  and moisten the whole with vinegar.  Sliced beet and cucumber can be added to the salad, but it must be done before the oil and vinegar are mixed with the potatoes.

From an 1897 Good Housekeeping


Not telling us how many potatoes to those three dessert spoonfuls of oil is quite the omission. Still, an experienced cook can probably eyeball this and make a reasonable estimation.  This could be a good stand-by recipe for families where you can’t eat mayo for some reason (no eggs, whole30,  or no soy and no time to make your own).


Mix in some bacon, ham, or slices of leftover meat for a filling lunch.

You could also use leftover baked potatoes, steamed or roasted sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes).

Add diced celery

Change up the herbs- garlic, curry powder, or some Italian salad dressing.


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    Ooh. I might try making this!

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