Iran Lied

Israelis smuggle thousands of files related to nuclear program out of Iran, say bottom line is Iran lied about its program;


In Oct. 2017: Longtime IAEA director says:
“I’m not convinced that Iran had, as a state, a nuclear weapons program.”  He was saying this to somehow defend how Obama handled the deal where he slipped billions in cash to Iran on an airplane, and cut investigations into Hezbollah.

What? Yeah, he let Hezbollah off the hook to protect his Iran deal. Remember that Obama enabled Hezbollah and gave a planeload of cash to Iran in a secretive deal bypassing Congress to get his Iran deal.


So anyway- back to this news.  Remember that Trump had Macron, and Markel (France, Germany) visiting just recently and this is one of the things they discussed- the timeline for renewing the Iran deal is coming up, and Europe wants us to stay in.  But I think while Markel was here, and definitely while Macron was here, Trump already knew about this.

Netanyahu briefed Trump on Iran’s “nuclear archive” two months ago, and timed the public announcement with Trump’s deadline in mind, according to a report from Axios.

HE didn’t tweet about it, and it didn’t leak.

(As  sidenote, let me say this is not remarkable at all.  I really dislike most of Trump’s tweets, as I have said before, and I cannot listen to him talk. I didn’t vote for him. (But I might next time).   But from what I have seen his twitter feed is not a train wreck of impetuous stupidity. It’s like a trail of banana peels for the media to beclown itself over, and it does, reliably, predictably, again and again.  All they have to do is not lose their every lovin’ minds, every time, but they can’t.  Trump gets them talking about what he wants them to talk about.  Remember Sweden?  Remember the string of reports about what an idiot he is because Sweden is doing great, and he’s making things up or just confused to say it isn’t? I do.  And guess what? Every time another terrorist incident, another immigrant crime wave, another immigration related problem in Sweden comes up- and they do, regularly, so does the public. They remember Trump saying Sweden’s unchecked immigration caused them problems and the media mocking him over it, and their respect for the press sinks a little further. )

Meanwhile, here’s what Obama traded for an agreement with Iran which we know Iran wasn’t keeping, isn’t keeping, and never intended to keep- loads of cash, spies, terrorists, murderers, and more.

What should Trump do, now? I honestly have no idea.  Obama made this mess, now the whole world can see it was and is a mess, but how to move forward without making a bigger mess is above my paygrade. Unfortunately, it was above Obama’s, too, but this is where we are.

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  1. Chris
    Posted May 1, 2018 at 12:41 pm | Permalink

    More and more I respect President Trump’s instincts and judgment in these thorny foreign policy issues. He knows how to navigate power plays, perhaps better than the others. I am thoroughly impressed so far. I did vote for him but with considerable reservations. Next time I will have zero reservations. His personal life is a minefield of “why did you do THAT?” but we have never elected perfect people before, why start now. Besides, he is SO entertaining. Ha!

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