Good Parenting means being flexible

“Let” children engage in forming their own opinions: Forming their own opinions: Parents should be careful about passing on their own strong opinions to their children as though they are a required belief.  As Miss Mason says, they may share your opinions for a time, “But a reaction comes, and the swinging of the pendulum is apt to carry them to a point of thought painfully remote from our own.”  See previous post on being over-earnest.  It backfires.  Be strong on principles, flexible on opinions.

Actually, you’re going to have to be flexible on a lot of things that you believe aren’t merely opinion.  I know it’s hard, at least for some of us.  In my heart of hearts, I cannot accept that being opposed to white flour in my children’s diet was merely a matter of opinion. It seems to me a rather obvious stance of firm principle based on sound logic and facts.  I suppose this goes back to letting children make their own mistakes and suffer the consequences.  You might as well be flexible, though, becuase in some cases this flexibility is making a virtue of necessity.

In other words, you can just relax your standards and be flexible nicely and your kids will do stuff you wish they wouldn’t but will love and respect you and come back and tell you you were right or at least still think you are worth talking to, or you can stand firmly in place, arms akimbo and tell the children “you shall not pass” and your kids will do stuff you wish they wouldn’t, and resent you and think you’re a crank not worth talking to because you’re fairly insane and have far too many soapboxes and hobby horses.

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