AP Reports Alfie Evans has died

Lifenews has it, too.

Kudos to his courageous family for doing all they could to save him. They are his parents. They will still be grieving the emptiness in fifty years, when those defending this murder will have forgotten his name. They are his parents. They will be the ones sobbing and packing up baby clothes while those who ordered this and those defending it are chuckling over cocktails at parties and shopping for whimsical little gadgets they don’t need and going about their lives without being burdened by soul-crushing, wrenching pain, heart-ache and grief. They are his parents. They had every right in the world to pursue even extreme measures to try to save their son, no matter how small the chances. They have the right to a clean grief with no regrets about what they might have done, could have done, no matter how small. Nobody else had the right to rip that right from them.

I have nothing but horror, scorn and imprecatory Psalms on the heads of his murderers and those who defend it. You should never again ask yourselves how on earth the German people turned a blind eye on death camps- those killings started, btw, in hospitals with the ‘defective’ and the ‘terminally ill.’

Look in the mirror. You. Your complacency. Your easy insistence that this was somehow in Alfie’s best interests, that it was in some strange and twisted way *care* for him that led to denying him air, food, water- you are the ones. You are not to be trusted.

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