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Baked Tomatoes

You need a bit of butter (or other oil), some sliced tomatoes, and something to sprinkle on the tomatoes- parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, furikake seasoning, and you can make that yourself with toasted and lightly ground sesame seeds, crumbled dried seaweed/nori, and seasoning of your choice), and maybe salt and papper. That’s all. Butter a […]

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Malay/Polynesian, Pacific Islanders, or Asians?

“Are the Native Peoples of The Philippines… MALAYS? 1 I was surprised to learn Filipinos have been taught that they are “Malay”! The Malay Peninsula (on the East Shore of the Indian Ocean) is a LONG way from the Philippine Islands. At Rice, I learned the name of their Language Family as “MalayoPolynesian” — but […]

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Makeover, 1897 Style

“Let’s make ourselves over. to cure the wrinkles, let’s think of something pleasant with all our hearts and minds. To cure the sharp tone in our voice, let’s talk a little less, and criticize others a little less and ourselves more. ┬áTo cure our conceit, let’s think how hateful we must be to others and […]

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News, Views

As Robert Heinlein was writing about in the 1940s, often politicians write, introduce, and even pass toothless, meaningless bills for political points. Both sides are complicit in allowing the others to do this to fool the constituents at home because they are more aligned with each other than with the voters at home. Recently, Democrats […]

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AP Reports Alfie Evans has died

Lifenews has it, too. Kudos to his courageous family for doing all they could to save him. They are his parents. They will still be grieving the emptiness in fifty years, when those defending this murder will have forgotten his name. They are his parents. They will be the ones sobbing and packing up […]

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