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K-Drama: For those of who were interested in Mystery Queen, the D-Krama about a housewife with a knack for detecting and a cranky tempered elited detective who team up together and solve crimes- the reason for the bizarre ending is that there was supposed to be a season 2.  You can read more about that here.  And now there is a season 2.  I watched episode and it was really funny.  I’m not sure if I will stay up to date with this one or wait until it’s done because:

~I now have trust issues because of the abrupt way they turned off the lights and closed the door, leaving viewers with gaping mouths, attempting to find our way out of the dark. I don’t trust them to resolve the issues.
~I don’t love this actress, and I especially don’t love this actress continuing to play cute ingenues.  IT’s kind of weird, because last season it felt like they tried to have her a tiny bit more grown up than the stuff she usually plays- she was married, after all.   And this season they are making her too cutesy and much younger and it just doesn’t work for me.  I just don’t think she matches well with the parts she plays in the last few years.  That’s possibly not her fault- that may be the only work she’s offered that pays the bills.  It just means while watching my cynical self is rolling its eyes and commenting that she seems more like his aunt than his girlfriend, and she’s too old and too experienced with crime to be this dewy eyed bashful about whether or not to hold hands with the guy she’s been crushing on for two years.
~I don’t like this pairing as a romantic pairing. They are fine as friendly co-workers, and a good detecting team. But I’m just not sold on their chemistry/romance. And they act like bashful teenagers who have never so much as kissed another person before, when she’s been married for years, and he was in a very serious relationship. Everything is off.
~ I’m not really drawn in to the life history stuff here- the reasons for her marriage and the reasons for her divorce, whatever is going on with the cop’s previous girlfriend, none of it worked or felt true to me. I know it’s fiction and really, any one of these things and I would love the show anyway (given a good season 2). But all of them make me disengage while watching.  But, again, the first episode was mostly incredibly funny, even while dealing with a pretty nasty set of criminals.

Baking in the Philippines

Living in the Philippines, my oven is a tiny toaster oven. I’ve had trouble finding recipes w/ingredients I can get adapted to my little toaster oven. I realized today I should be searching for Easy Bake Oven recipes.

I baked 3 1/2 batches of sugar cookies. In my oven that means 21 cookies. My Visaya language teacher was very impressed, so that was worth it.

I baked 2 batches of peanut butter cookies yesterday.   That’s 12 cookies for those keeping score at home.

The only pans I have that fit it are the flat tray it came with (that’s what holds six cookies), and four very small pans- 3 of them hold about 1 1/4 cups of cake batter, and the fourth holds more like 1/2 to 3/4 cups of batter.  Only 3 of those pans fit in the oven at the same time.



Leftist: Pence wants to kill gay people so he’s bad.

Fellow leftist: I think we should kill Trump and then kill Pence.
1st Leftist: No, I don’t know when he said that but it’s objectively true.
What ‘conversation’ is possible here? https://twitter.com/fleccas/status/969276951285317632

Call out culture:  I forget what it was I was reading, but it was recommending somebody call out somebody else very publicly for something that was really quite minor and in circumstances that made calling them out more obnoxious than usual.  It reminded me of TTW  my son was called out by his high school teacher because he said something like ‘she’s disabled’ and she overheard it and rebuked him in class (politely enough, but still irksome) because he should have said she is a person w/a disability’ instead because otherwise he was ‘depersoning’ the person and making it about her disability and not her.  She thing  boasted of her own roll as ‘activist for the disabled community’.
Not ‘community of people with disabilities?
Also, my son was referring to his his own sister, and in the context of the discussion the disability part was the point anyway.  And also, my son later when he told me about it: “I don’t remember seeing her around here at breakfast this morning, helping my sister get dressed and fed, in fact, I haven’t seen her around here, ever, so she maybe she should save her ‘advocacy’  corrections for people who don’t live with and love and take care of somebody with a disability 24 and 7.’ (I’m paraphrasing, but yes.)

Life in the Philippines

They are building a house next door to ours and by next door I mean it’s essentially a condominium and our house is the other side.  The wall of the other house is flush to our fence- out fence is part of that house wall. That’s about 3 feet from my bedroom and bathroom windows.  It’s noisy and dusty.  So dusty that the sheets on the line had to be washed a second time the other day.  The construction workers annoy the dog by existing, and then he annoys them by barking like an idiot all day and then they get irked and yell at him and sometimes throw things at him.  Also, they have started calling him Afritada, which is basically like calling him “Dog Stew for Dinner.”

Mom to College Boy thousands of miles away: I send him a box of food via Amazon every month (or Walmart) – a constant tension between competing factors- my budget, me wanting to feed my kid because I’m the mom and he’s the youngest, him being kind of picky, me wanting to feed my kid healthy food and him wanting to eat junk. Mostly, I lose.  I draw the line at some things, though. We have a long tradition of everybody just knowing that I don’t buy sugary cereal except for dessert for very special occasions (.99 sale is a legit special occasion).   So I have not yet added a box of his favourite, frosted mini-wheats, to the package.  I seriously considered it last month and at the last minute changed my mind.
Instead, I bought him a five pound bag of peachies.

I know. I don’t know what came over me.

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  1. Frances
    Posted March 2, 2018 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    Hopeless at twitter – I went to the furthest point (I think) but couldn’t find the original post.

    Well done with the tiny batches of cookies!

    And much sympathy re construction – there are two active sites on our block, constant racket and heavy vehicles, though not as bad as next door. Better keep an eye on the dog!

    • Headmistress
      Posted March 4, 2018 at 9:49 pm | Permalink

      I added a more direct link to the Twitter thing in the post (I hope)

      I think I’ going to try tiny coconut pies next- I have an easy recipe that you mix in the blender and it makes its own crust. Not quite a traditional crusted pied, but I think it will be popular with our guests here.

      Only one heavy vehicle and only occasionally. It’s amazing what a crew of Filipino men in shorts and flip flops can accomplish with hand tools.

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