Me, Too hits K-Dramas

Jo Jae Hyun, who is currently acting in Cross, is
being written out of the show due to recent allegations of sexual harassment.
I think Cross producers were able to deal with it because of Jo Jae Hyun’s admission. I don’t usually place much value on the cookie cutter confessions and apologies in these things but his did sound a bit more sincere than usual. That could just be because of the cultural devide, so what is typical for Korean apologies sounds fresher and different to American ears.  It could also merely mean he’s better at apologizing. I’m pretty cynical about serial sexual abusers and their apologies.
Jo Min Ki was let go from his professor position, dropped out of a drama he was supposed to do (Children of a Lesser God) and was booked by the police. There are at least 8 allegations, mostly from his students, and one possible attempted rape.
Oh Dal Soo stepped down from My Ajusshi (probably with some urging from producers and maybe other actors), and he also apologized, after several denials and threatening to sue.  He finally apologized when one of his victims, Uhm Ji Young , had the courage to come forward and accuse him in a public interview.  This is really tough for an actress in Korea to do- it may end up ruining her career.  It’s a risk she took, saying that since he’s teaching students, and he was so arrogant about denying it she just couldn’t live with the silence anymore, that younger actresses needed to know who he was.
Notice how many times he makes himself the victim, tries to elicit sympathy for himself, attempts to preempt doubters by saying nobody will believe him, and ever so subtly tries to raise doubts about one of his accusers- telling her that he doesn’t remember her, then that maybe he does but he remembers events differently (a common theme in the American ‘apologies’).  And then, the worst part is when he says that if it’s the person he’s remembering then he told her that she should write stories and plays (ie fiction) because she’s so good at writing. He’s calling her a liar.
Oh Dal Soo had finished his work (or most of it, I gather) in filming Along With the Gods 2, but the company will be re-shooting his scenes and replacing him, as well as actor Choi Il Hwa , who also has faced charges of sexual harassment-  and assault of an actress who was so traumatized she left her career behind. 
This is all so depressing, partly because it’s got to be just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. You know there’s so much more.=(
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