I watched the Japanese movie Full Metal Alchemist. I liked it. I thought it was fun and weird and very Japanese.

I haven’t read any of the mangas, though, which is why I liked it. I am pretty sure if I were a fan of the comics I would hate this. I read some reviews after I watched it and it seems they did leave a lot of stuff out, which only makes sense given the length of the story in comic book form.
But if you are a novice to this manga series and you like the particularly Japanese quirky vibe, I think you’ll find it fun, too. If you’re not sure, maybe try something else first.

It’s violent, so if you are really sensitive to that you’ll want to avoid it. It is comic book style violence, but there’s also a rather sad betrayal that will bruise your heart, and there’s a villainous with a lot of cleavage (her name is Lust, although I don’t remember seeing anything outside of her costume that would support the name. Gluttony was more of a straightforward one to one correspondence with his name).

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  1. Lindsey in AL (OK)
    Posted March 7, 2018 at 2:27 pm | Permalink

    My oldest three kids, DH and I are all fans of the anime series. The almost-15 year-old refuses to allow us to watch the live action movie after the way they (apparently same movie-makers) destroyed Attack On Titan in live action 😀 I think I’d probably like it but he’s our household expert on the subject so we defer to him.

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