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Mongolian Queen

Empress Sorkaktani, a Christian Kerait of Central Asia, was the wife of Tolui & daughter-in-law of Genghis Khan. Mongol women had far more rights than in many other cultures at the time, especially since the men were often away, and women were the ones responsible for Families. Each of her sons learned a new language […]

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Bible Study Through Story Telling

Building Sound Theology Through Good Story Telling, by Jessica Alexander Excerpt (her article is on page 19) “Simply the Story is a simple and creative method used to equip low literacy learners to join multiple literacy spectrums. The technique can reach into all age groups, among all social groups regardless of the ethnicity or economic status […]

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Human and Chimpanzee DNA

Jeffrey P. Tompkins, Ph.D. []* “66-70% at most!” This Blatant Evolutionist Hoax is virtually unchallenged. The full Chimpanzee Genome has not even been documented. False data is generated by a deliberately deceptive software algorithm that shuts down the investigation of any sequences which are not extremely similar, thus falsifying the data. Huge sections of Human […]

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Another Bukidnon Mountains Picture

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North Korea

During our recent vacation I finished reading The Orphan Master’s Son, a haunting tale of life and mostly death in North Korea, and also winner of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.  Not escapist reading, obviously, being set in North Korea, but a useful glimpse into a totalitarian state the likes of which we cannot really […]

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