Media’s Asian coverage at the Olympics

Let me just say straight up that it’s an embarrassment. It’s cringe worthy. It’s ignorant. Here are some examples-

On twitter this was posted by a reporter and described as the Asians being ‘an unruly mob of counterparts. This is an interesting exercise in cross-cultural…. something. What do you see happening here?

Now possibly there’s a backstory that wasn’t clear here. But I don’t seen an unruly mob of Asians. I see belligerent American security over-reacting and acting like jerks and American press being entitled snobs. I see a typical Asian press, with polite bows and civility on the Asian side met with barking belligerence on the American side. In the comments to the post Americans double down, and one of them says something about how obviously back up means get back, reverse, and if people ignore clearly stated directions what can you do?

I really do not even know where to begin. IN which order do I take the obnoxious, tin earred, ill informed ignorance? That they are not in America, but on somebody else’s home ground as guests, and on that home-ground, English is not the norm? That ‘back up’ is not an obvious term to figure otu if you are not a native speaker, it’s one of those baffling ‘phrasal verbs’ that you just pick up by repeated exposure, not because it’s actually obvious. That the American bubble of personal space encompasses enough space to hold at least five Asians comfortably in their own bubble of personal space and this is a cultural difference that may be uncomfortable for American, but they are not in America? Which of these is most offensive and embarrassing? I don’t know.

That wasn’t even the worse, though. There was this:

NBC has had to apologize for announcing that “every Korean will tell you that Japan is a cultural, technological and economic example that has been so important to their own transformation.”

I want to know what on earth his basis was for saying that in the first place? What made him think he could speak authoritatively on what ‘every’ Korean would say, particarly when it turns out he’s saying something pretty much NO Korean would even think, let alone say? Where did he get this idea?

If I can pause to bask in proud parent complacency for a moment, 3 of my adult daughters who were watching this in real time commented on FB that they were just sure they heard him wrong because it was so dumb.

Note that the guy who said it is allegedly NBC’s “Asia correspondent.” He’s worked in China and did commentary for the Chinese games. He clearly knows worse than nothing about Korea. The problem is not just ignorance here. Thsi is important- the problem is that he thinks he knows things, and those things are not just the opposite of true, the things he thinks he knows and purports to teach the rest of us are actively wrong and extremely offensive to Koreans.

He’s been relieved of his duties with Olympic commentating. But the English Korean story where I read that notes significantly that while NBC apologized, he has not. As somebody who is purported to be knowledgable about *any* Asian culture knows, that’s a big deal. He has to know how offensive that is, even if he really was ignorant about Korean feelings about Japan. Although I still don’t understand filling in his ignorance with abjectly ignorant claims.

NBC is not exactly crowning itself with glory here-
” The U.S. television network NBC identified PyeongChang as being in North Korea in a subtitle during its broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremony. A capture of the footage went viral.

The subtitle stated, “Opening Ceremony Tonight” in a big font at the bottom of the screen, underneath which read, “PyeongChang, North Korea.” ”

The author notes: “The main broadcaster for U.S. Olympic coverage neither explained the obvious mistake nor apologized for it.”

That’s not even the worst of it. Our media is falling over themselves to propagate NOrth Korean propaganda and slaver at the feet of one of the most bloody, brutal regimes in human history.
CNN: Kim Jong Un’s sister is stealing the show at the Winter Olympics

CNN also just loves the North Korean cheerleaders without a thought for the reality that these women are probably not there by choice, are probably beaten if they don’t do well, and threatened by dire things likely to happen to any families they have back home if they don’t perform perfectly and stay in line. They can’t even speak to the media. This is the same media outraged and horrified by Trump asking for a military parade. I don’t care about the parade, either, but you cannot, really, you cannot express outrage at the latter while slobbering over the perky by force, uniformed slaves of a regime that runs gulags and shoots people trying to leave the country.

A WaPo columnist ordered Bethany Mandel to apologize for calling NOrth Korea the most brutal regime in human history. AS she pointed out, one might argue with her on the merits of the order of brutal regimes. Her reason for calling N.K. the worst has to do with the length of time its gulags full of political prisoners have stood, the number of gulags, and the percentage of deaths. One might argue that Pol Pot’s was less long lasting but more brutal- but calling for an *apology* is goose-stepping bootlicking.

Keep in mind the WaPo compares Kim Jo Yong to Ivanka Trump (they prefer Jo yong). Stacey Lennox explains what’s wrong with this picture:
“Guys, after coming out of the shadows following the death of her father this little bucket of joy has held two government jobs. She was Vice Director of the Worker’s Party Propaganda and Agitation Department. This department’s job is to ensure everyone appropriately idolizes Dear Leader. Now she is in the Organization and Guidance Department in charge of state security and the military. I would be absolutely shocked to learn she has ordered the deaths of various North Koreans (sarcasm) but by all means let’s compare her to Ivanka Trump because you hate the President.”

Read it all. You must.

Their anti-Trump hatred drives everything. It’s the only tool they have and it has rendered the into pliable, willing tools of murderous dictators.

More: Weekly standard on media’s celebrity treatment of the dictator’s sister and right hand woman in the propaganda department.

Brit Hume is right, it’s nauseating. It’s like going ga-ga over Nero’s musical talents.


If the media wants to say Trump is worse they can, but that’s why objectively, Trump is not worse. North Korea sent home a comatose American college kid they arrested, tortured, and put in a prison camp and beat him more- for stealing a poster. North Korea runs multigenerational prison camps, forces children to dig their own graves, inform on their parents, and eat grass to survive. If you think that Trump is worse than that, you have the moral compass of an orc. And yet, it seems,t hat’s exactly what we have in the media.

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  1. Posted February 13, 2018 at 9:21 pm | Permalink

    I have to wonder if the NBC reporter got his opinion from stereotypes about South Koreans in China. I have no way of knowing if there are such stereotypes about Koreans in China, but given the politics in east Asia, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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