Food Hunger in America

Food Hunger
In a twitter debate on whether North Korea is really worse than American (seriously), somebody kept throwing around the claim that 1 in 6 Americans is going hungry.

Here’s what that means. It means that in a subjective survey on feelings, one in six, or one in eight, depending on reporting (and even that number is questionable), sometimes can’t buy the food they would rather have because of budget issues. Not actual hunger, but having a couple episodes a year where they buy a different set of groceries than normal because of the budget.

I live in a country where I’ve seen people picking food out of the garbage on a regular basis. Having to eat hamburger instead of steak, or even ramen instead of meat, is not food hunger. It’s not disgraceful.

And obviously, we are not worse than North Korea or you wouldn’t be here saying so because you wouldn’t have access to the internet and you wouldn’t be allowed to leave the gulag if you got caught saying stuff like that. You’d be eating grass and being beaten on a daily basis.

Sheesh, people. Starved for Facts

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    What’s your take on the proposed changes to food stamps?

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