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K-Drama Just Between Lovers. Don’t know if I could have watched it 3 yrs ago, but it’s my current obsession. It’s heartbreakingly stunning and perfect- all of it, the pain, the music, the actors, the PTSD. I’m afraid. But I can’t give it up.

The back story is a mall collapse that happened ten years before our story, although there are a lot of flashbacks.  The two leads were young teens at the time, trapped for a long time in the dark beneath fallen walls, one of them with severe physical injuries. Both lost family members in the collapse. Both are dealing with the fallout and survivor’s guilt and other trauma ten years later when they meet again.  There is, of course, an adorable second lead, noble, admirable, and he, too, has known loss from that mall collapse and is suffering in his own way, but  Junho’s acting and character here are casting shade on pretty much every one around him, except the female lead.

K-dramas often don’t do mental health issues very well.  This is, thus far, an exception for the most part.  It’s glitteringly brilliant and it sucks me in so far and so willingly it’s like faerie glamour.  Our wifi problems have started up again and I mostly only have enough juice to watch one or two episodes of my choosing each week.  I choose this one.  I like Jugglers, I Am Not a Robot, Two Cops, and I am anxious to see Lee Seung Gi return to the drama with his new drama, but this is the one for me.

The two leads are Junho (who is incredible) and Won Jin Ah, who is likewise amazing. This is her first t.v. drama. She’s done some film work.  They deftly show two people, shattered in different ways, fitting their broken selves together.  That’s not usually what works in real life. Broken people cut each other with their broken edges. It usually takes one whole or more nearly whole person to make it work.  But I’m okay with this version and am biting my lips and clenching fists as I watch in the hopes that it will work out here.


Junho is a singer with 2PM,  I don’t know from what place he’s pulling up the heartache for his angry little boy lost, but it’s working so well that I find myself hoping he’s not carrying that home with him later.

Viki has it. So does KissAsia.  It’s at Dramagalaxy and there are a couple of episodes on Youtube.

Hangul title:
그냥 사랑하는 사이
Sounded out roughly, that’s
Geunyang Saranghaneun Sai
Other English titles:
Rain or Shine, Just in Love

It’s hurting, but in an exquisitely painful way.
Here’s one of the OST songs:




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  1. V
    Posted January 2, 2018 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    There are so many new dramas I’m torn on watching and this is one of them. I don’t want to watch a melo, but I am aching to watch something that is so good (but good all the way through, not just for the first few episodes and then it takes a dive).

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