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Thirty First Annual Conference the notes of a discussion led by
A. T. L. Hickson, M.S. (Joint-Principal, Oldfeld School, Swanage) entitled
“Science: Nature Study” was also handed out. (Arthur Hickson is the son of the redoubtable Lizzie Hickson, I wrote about her history here).

He gave a break-down of the science for each form as follows:

Form I: children six to eight are given an elementary knowledge of what
they can find out of doors or in the Zoo, animals, birds, plants and trees,
insects, fishes, sea creatures and star legends.

Form II: children about nine to eleven. Very elementary physics, natural
phenomena, astronomy, chemistry, meteorology, physiography, including some detailed chapters on the work of water, ice, volcanoes, etc. A detailed
study of the lower forms of animal life. Botany, only outdoor studies.

Form III: children twelve to thirteen. A continued course of animal life
(higher forms), a detailed course of botany, physical geography; in
addition, either astronomy or some general scientific principles connected
with their discoverers.

Form IV: children about fourteen. The course in animal life is continued, the more detailed course is followed in physiography and
geology. Physiology is added and a book on the underlying principles of

Form V: age about 14 to 16. A student’s course in botany, geology,
astronomy, more advanced physics with some chemistry.

Form VI: The work varies as books offer; there is always some more
advanced biology and physiology. Modern astronomy and modern physics vary
from year to year.

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