Feinstein on Jersalem as Israel’s Capital

1n 1995 Feinstein, along with a large number of other Democrats, voted to move the capital of Israel to Jerusalem.

In June (as in, last June, six months ago), she supported a Senate resolution on the same issue, for Jerusalem “to remain the undivided capital of Israel.”  In fact, that Senate vote was 90 to 0.  Every single Senator voted in favor of it.

Now that Trump is actually acting on what has been stated U.S. policy for decades, she says it’s a terrible idea.

I don’t like Feinstein even a little bit, but I do have a grudging, albeit slight, respect for her. She’s more honest than many of her fellow politicians.  Of course, that’s a very, very low standard.  But here, she merely got caught playing a game politicans on both sides of the aisle have been playing since *AT LEAST* the 1940s when Heinlein skewered it in Waldo, Inc.

That game is voting for something you absolutely do not want to see actually happen and can safely assume is not ever going to happen because your fellow politicians, regardless of party, need this game to fool voters back home. So both sides periodically allow each other votes on resolutions none of them have any intention of seeing actually enacted.

I wrote about Waldo, Inc back in 2009.


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