CNN and Fake News

CNN just gets worse and worse at this.

They hinted they had a bombshell story.  When they released the story it was essentially that on September 4th, ten days before the Wikileaks were made public, Donald Trump Jr. had received a secret email message from a donor which gave him access to DNC party stolen emails, and he didn’t tell anybody, when he should have reported it to the FBI.  Also, this would be proof that he benefitted from somebody committing a crime, and I guess we should connect the dots and pretend this proved something about Russia?

Only, there was a key detail they got wrong.  It was not September 4th, ten days before wikileaks splashed it all all over the internet, but on September 14th- the day *after* they were made available to everybody and her maiden aunt on the internet.  This nefarious transaction turned out to be just some random supporter who once donated something like forty bucks to the campaign, who sent an email to to a public email address with a link to a very public internet sight available to anybody and everybody.

This change of date is not a small matter.  It competely alters the entire story and the post publication date makes it a giant nothing-burger.  It’s meaningless.  IT made CNN, yet again, the story.

How did they get it so wrong?  Who were their sources (they claim two)?  Have those same dishonest, unreliable sources been used for other stories?  Why won’t CNN tell us?

Within an hour, another media organization was already correcting the story and pointing out CNN was wrong.  After several hours, CNN claimed to update the story with ‘more’ information, and they corrected the date.  But this wasn’t ‘more’ information.  IT’s like trumpeting that you have a huge, breaking story on your Pastor’s family, and then announcing they gave birth to a baby the month before their wedding in a secret clinic owned by a wealthy donor, only then later (after other people call you out on your error) you add ‘more’ information that the baby  wasn’t born before the wedding, but ten months afterward, and it wasn’t a secret clinic but the local hospital and the wealthy donor was a friendly stranger who saw the announcement in the church bulletin and sent them flowers picked from her yard.

Hours later, CNN admitted that wasn’t ‘more’ to the story, but a correction.  They still do not explain why that correction is actually removing the lynchpin to their entire story, so it all fell down around their ears.

Nor will they discipline anybody or tell us who those sources are.

To make it even better (or worse), Trump talked about it in a speech he gave at a rally, and he said CNN was apologizing all over the place.  CNN reporter Brian Stelter, host of ‘Reliable Sources,’ thought it was significant enough to call out Trump on Twitter and point out that CNN corrected, but did not apologize.  That CNN does not regret their error is not a good look for them.


More here 

And note- the errors always fall in the same direction.  If this was just an accident because of the need for speed, then the errors would fall either direction.  But they don’t. 


18 questions CNN should answer.

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