Eating at the kerenderia

This is a kerenderia, a type of restaurant.  It’s informal.  There are some picnic  tables not pictured here.  This one is in a structure with a roof and 3 walls.  It shares the space with a car rental.  The menu is different from day to day.  Some of the food they cook themselves, some they buy and bring in. You can eat at the tables or carry out.

This is bangus, a really delicious fish.  We have it at least once a week at home, and sometimes for lunch as well.

The above meat was a bit of a mystery.  The lady at the kerenderia told me it was pork but she couldn’t think of the right English word to tell me more about it.  I didn’t want the other offerings that day (Pancit is a noodle dish palatable to westerners, but pasta is just not a favourite dish of mine, and I didn’t feel like eating tripe or fish).  I assumed it was something I wouldnt’ normally eat, probably an organ.  It was flavourful and very tender.  A couple days later it was on the menu again and I asked what it was and she told me ears.  It’s pig’s ears.


These are  bananas on a stick.  They are a different type of banana than you usually see in an American grocery store.  They have been coated in some tasty syrup and probably an oil and sugared and then broiled until crispy and carmelized on the outside and almost pastry like on the inside.  They are incredibly delicious.
Also, my sparkly nails sparkle.  I love the glitter.

This is what carry -out looks like, even when it’s soup.  The knots are easy to undo.  I remember this with our grocery bags when we shopped in Japan, too- they tie the bags in a way that you can easily undo them when you get home.  So convenient.

The entire meal pictured in the picture immediately above was maybe 3 dollars.

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