Al Franken and other slimes

Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was the sponsor for the private jet tax break provision in GOP tax plan. 

A small but hopefully growing number of leftists cagily acknowledging that yes, Bill Clinton might have been a sexual predator.  Will they admit his wife, who called Clinton’s victims ‘bimbo eruptions,’ was and is complicit?

Lena Dunham stands with writer for her movie Girls, who has been accused of raping a 17 year old.  The 17 year old is all grown up now. She’s passed a polygraph, and she has gone to the police.  Lena says she’s a liar.

Florida Dem Chairman resigns over allegations that he made women uncomfortable.  That sounds tepid and kind of stupid, but if you read the story, they had good reason to feel like he was a creep.  I’m going to quote Ace here:

“As the media continues spinning for powerful media liberals and liberal politicians, they’ll simultaneously keep asking “Who is responsible for making these men think they can get away with this?”

Rather than admitting, “Oh right, it’s us; everytime a Hollywood actor donates to Planned Parenthood and rapes a woman, we cover it up, and everytime a liberal champion-of-women president rapes a woman, we cover that up too,” they’ll decide the group responsible for encouraging predators to hunt more aggressively is… Republicans, of course.

Trump voters. Deplorable! Sad!”

You don’t get to be part of the party that has covered up, even defended, misrepresented, excused, and often held fundraisers by and for, or given standing ovations to the likes of Ted Kennedy (who left a woman to die alone in a car he drove into a lake while he swam back to his hotel and tried to pretend he wasn’t there and didn’t report the accident), Roman Polansky (who drugged and raped a kid and was *convicted* for it, Bill Clinton who has been credibly accused of multiple rapes and assaults and had to pay out to one of his victims, Weiner, Al Franken (who has been making misogynist ‘jokes’ for decades without being called out on it), and more, so much more, for so very, very long, and then have me believe you or even trust you, let alone jump when you say jump because  40 year old allegations pop up about a Republican (Roy Moore.) two weeks before an election.

Here’s the thing- I don’t currently  have a strong opinion yet on Moore’s guilt or innocence, although mostly I don’t think he’s doing himself any favors or making a credible defense. He can resign or fail in his reelection bid or win and then we’ll see of the accusations continue.  I won’t defend him at this point, but I won’t call for is resignation at this point, either. There are people right now defending Al Franken who are calling on Moore to be booted from the senate if he wins.  Al Franken- who forcibly stuck his tongue in a woman’s mouth and whose first defense of a photograph where he is miming groping a sleeping woman’s breasts is that was merely failed comedy.  You know what kind of man even thinks that should have been funny in the first place?

Al FRanken, who was elected by a mere 312 votes in an election where we know over 1000 felons voted illegally but were counted anyway.  Al Franken, who insisted an actress perform a kiss scene with him against her will, and who then used the opportunity he deliberately created (he also wrote the script calling for the kiss in the first place) and forcibly stuck his nasty, creeper’s tongue into her mouth.  In every single leftist discussion of Franken’s behavior they leave out the forced tongue, and so prove that they are complicit hypocrites.

Until the left stops covering up for, making excuses for, and outright lying in defense of the Frankens, Clintons, Kennedies, Roman Polanski and all their slimy ilk, I’m not going to dance and shout at their bidding.  I’m going to demand the left  shed themselves of their decades of defending men who rape, assault, abuse, and harrass women, and who leave them to drown to save their own precious political skin, and more, which the left hides, protects, and defends so long as they give lip service to  leftist causes.  Until that happens, they have less than no credibility.  They have given me good cause to be fairly certain that whatever they may say, they don’t care about women or children and they are not to be believed or trusted.

Update: Wonderful news- Terry Crews names the person who groped him at a public event (Adam  Venit, top exec at William Morris ) and files police report.  Also Adam Sandler knew.   Crews told Sandler about it at the same event when it happened.  Sandler must have talked about it with Venit, because Venit called and apologized the next day, but Crews didn’t think he sounded sincere.  As Crews points out: “Hollywood doesn’t even get the morals to its own movies.”

I think they ‘get it’.  They just reject it.  HOllywood has no more credibility than politicians and the media.  They certainly don’t get to tell me what is and isn’t moral, nor do they get to posture as some moral authority on any issue whatsoever until they have demonstrated the will and the power to clean up their own cesspool and rid themselves of the predators they have been rewarding for decades.


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