We’re in Manila for a couple conferences.  We’re staying at the swankiest hotel in which I have ever stayed in my entire life.  I have been running around taking pictures like the country hick I am.


I was reading on my kindle and found myself all snuggled up in my very comfortable bed ,with socks on a downy comforter wrapped up around me and I was still chilly.  They I got up and looked at the AirCon.  When I wasn’t looking my husband had turned it down to 25 C- a shivery 77 degrees F.  I brought it back to a more comfortable 85.

Breakfast is served for four house in the morning, and the spread is amazing- cereal, muesli, hot cakes, waffles, eggs cooked for you as you wait, bacon, six kinds of fruit, cheese, nuts, dried fruit, soups, pancit, chicken sisig,  rice, and six different types of pastries (half of them you wouldn’t have heard of) .
So I had the fried bangus (milkfish), garlic rice, and the chile spiced Chinese BBQ pork, along with some tropical fruit, and some ensaymada and coffee afterward.

The Cherub had longanissa (a very sweet Filipino sausage) rice, and grilled tomatoes.

We had fresh mango juice, too, because we could.

I came down to the lobby to work on some documents on my laptop while housecleaning is doing my room.  I wore flip-flops  and my feet are cold even though I am sitting near the lobby door so the outside air comes in.  I have been listening to a track of Christmas carols for the last hour and I am sitting about ten feet from a 20 foot tall Christmas tree loaded with glittering gold and rich red decorations.


If I could import my kids and grandkids, I’d live here forever.

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