Pro-Abort Claims He Has Unanswerable Question for Pro-lifers. Blocks people who answer.

You can read about it here.

And here

And here.

And here.

And here

You could make an interesting school exercise with the above reading. Make a list of the points each person is making. Compare them. Contrast. Does their reasoning follow. What would you do? What does that mean?

What does it mean when somebody claims in ten years nobody has given him an honest answer, and then he blocks people who answer him?

In the comments section to Tomlinson’s foolish and dishonest hypothetical question (yes, I have an opinion), somebody said something risable and dumb about how no pro-lifers would adopt children in the foster system because a mother who kept her child just gave up. I told her we had, twice. ( I didn’t mention the godsons, our two Little Boys who are now big boys, or the Ukrianian orphan hosting). She then moved the goal posts and told me to go talk to my fellow pro-lifers because she’d never met any who would or had. I told I knew quite a few, so maybe we just knew different people.
I also don’t know any atheists who have ever adopted, although I know they exist. I just have a smaller pool of atheists in my circle than I do Christians, and likewise, that person probably has an extremely small pool of pro-life Christians in her social circle. For one thing, she sounds incredibly unpleasant to be around if you are a prolife believer. For another, statistically, the truth is pro-life Christians DO adopt (and foster) more than pro-abortion atheists, who tend to prefer other charities. So if she doesn’t know any, her circle is too small and tight to be representative.

Fwiw, we can alter Tomlinson’s scenario a bit- if he and a five year old kid were in a burning building and I could save only one, I’d choose the kid. I hope he’d do the same if it were a choice between me and the kid. I might change my immediate opinion on that if I actually were in a burning building but I hope not. If I did it would be an understandable moment of human weakness which I’d regret and feel guilty about as long as I lived. But neither choice would prove anything about what we believed about the right to life that the five year old, Tomlinson, or I possess as an inherent part of being human.

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  1. MotherWit
    Posted October 18, 2017 at 6:54 am | Permalink

    Apparently Tomlinson has never heard of triage

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