It comes in pints

Researchers found that having about a pint of beer improved people’s ability to converse in a second language. (it was a pint for every 150 lbs of bodyweight)- the speakers didn’t notice a difference but those they spoke with did. Researchers say it may have something to do with reducing anxiety. I wonder if it has something to do with slightly lowered inhibitions. I’ve noticed that when I ‘exaggerate,’ to my way of thinking, the Visaya accent I am more likely to be understood, because it’s only exaggerated to the person who is unaccustomed to the sing-song accent on the second or 3rd syllables but almost never the first, to the p/v/b consonant that sounds like you put your lips together to say ‘b’ but don’t aspirate and say a sort of half-baked v instead (so Visaya and Bisaya are both right and both wrong).

And it always helps if you don’t care much if you sound like an idiot in your own ears, and know that you will be speaking a broken version of whatever the other language is. Here, if you leave out the odd to me little connectors and markers that have no equivalent in English (and are really hard to pronounce, some of them), they tell you easily and without a blush, “Oh, you sound Chinese.”

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