FBI investigating complaints of alleged misappropriation of FEMA supplies 4 Puerto Rico: “Mayors of local municipalities, or people associated with their offices, are giving their political supporters special treatment, goods they’re not giving to other people who need them.”

Then there was this, from 2013: Sandy victims see almost none of promised $60 billion in aid a year after storm

Or before that, 9-11 donations to the Red Cross that never left the local chapters: The Red Cross isn’t known for keeping a tight rein on its chapters. But now, it was suddenly crucial for headquarters to find out what chapters were doing with the millions in Sept. 11 donations. So the Red Cross leadership rushed special investigative auditors out to conduct surprise inspections. The results were startling.

According to documents obtained by CBS News, a dozen of the Red Cross chapters audited were marking, or “coding”, donations as local funds. This means chapters like San Diego, Southwest Florida, and Gateway Area, Iowa would keep the money instead of sending it in for Sept. 11 victims.

What’s more, the Savannah chapter “could not provide information regarding cash (and) checks collected.” In Pine Tree, Maine “cash (and) checks (were) unlocked at all times,” and in Los Angeles the chapter there had “no accurate accounting for funds received after Sept. 11,” believed then to total “at least one-half $1 million.”

The fact that the San Diego chapter was coding donations as local was no surprise to county supervisor Diane Jacobs, who’d been fighting the chapter for a year over lack of accountability for fire donations and issuing a doctored audit.

GamerGate- where are the male allies who showed up as white knights accusing gamers who wanted better journalism ethics of being sexist nazis? A surprising number (if you are naive) are in trouble for child porn, sexual harassment, assault, and other crimes against women and children.

Slate on Trump’s presidency so far. Read between the lines, though. For instance:
“Some of Trump’s ambitions have undoubtedly been frustrated. And yet, he is, on the whole, succeeding in dismantling key parts of Obama’s legacy.”

Er. That’s because Obama’s ‘legacy’ is based on the flimsy structure of executive orders. What has been done by EOs can be undone by the same EOs and it’s always been that way. Obama bypassed Congress, and at least one of the EOs Trump is ‘dismanteling’ were already ruled illegal in court.

Or this: ” It would be tempting to ignore his Twitter ravings as inconsequential if they didn’t have the power to change the opinion of millions of Americans. ”

Oh, noes, the President has found a bully pulpit that bypasses the press and he might successfully use it to persuade people to change their minds about something.  We can’t have that.

Basically, Slate seems to be whining that Trump is keeping more of his campaign promises than they want him to keep and being more persuasive to normal people than they want him to be. They were hoping he’d be a typical president and break them all.

You know how Hillary has said she had no idea her close friend and frequent donor Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator?  Her very close friend Linda Bloodworth Thomason knew and says she warned the politicians not to get entangled.  Hillary had to have known.  You know how she was going to return his donations?  The Clintons will not be releasing any funds they received from Weinstein.

Daily Beast says in the wake of Weinstein allegations, revelations on Hollywood’s pedophile issue may be next. One hopes so. Corey Feldman has spent years telling anybody who would listen that it’s a huge problem, only to be ignored, cast aside, and publicly scolded by the shameful Barbara Walters.

” the media finally began taking the industry to task over its embrace of filmmaker Victor Salva.
In 1988, while filming his debut feature Clownhouse, Salva sexually abused his 12-year-old star. He eventually pleaded guilty to five felony counts: lewd and lascivious conduct, oral copulation with a person under 14, and three counts of procuring a child for pornography. Still, Salva has been allowed to direct film after film in the wake of his conviction, from Powder to the Jeepers Creepers trilogy…..

But perhaps the tide is turning and the shame associated with being a male victim of abuse is beginning to vanish. Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Terry Crews spoke out last week about being sexually assaulted by a high-level Hollywood executive in the wake of the Weinstein news. So did James Van Der Beek, who blasted Weinstein for his crimes before sharing his own story: “What Weinstein is being accused of is criminal. What he’s admitted to is unacceptable—in any industry. I applaud everybody speaking out. I’ve had my ass grabbed by older, powerful men, I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversations when I was much younger… I understand the unwarranted shame, powerlessness & inability to blow the whistle. There’s a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome.””

Remember that this is an entire industry and their media supporters who have stood by child rapist Roman Polanski for decades. They know Corey Feldman has been speaking out, and many of them know the names he is not allowed to say. They hire those people anyway, reward them, support them, and remain silent. I will believe they are changing and actually interested in doing the right thing when we all know who abused Corey Feldman and his late friend Corey Haim, and when people are cast out of the industry for the child abuse they know is happening right now.

More on the Salva story here.  Hollywood has no moral legs to stand on because it slithers on its belly.  BTW- a number of women now speaking out about Harvey Weinstein also signed the petition to pardon child rapist Roman Polanski and let him back into this country to make more movies (and presumably, abuse more young girls).


Science- they freaking love it.  Only, what can we believe?  30,000 published studies may be wrong because of contaminated cell lines

Thousands of fMRI brain studies may be wrong because of software errors.  THOUSANDS.


Russia story looking worse and worse for Hilary, Obama, et al.    Really, really worse.  Much worse than I imagined.  Obama knew, but chose to cover it up to proceed with Uranium deal


The Test Widely Claimed to Prove Everybody Has “Implicit Racial Bias” Is Crap and Has Never Been at the Level of Reliability Usually Required for Validity

Trump’s EPA sets precedent by becoming first agency to end ‘sue and settle’ practice“The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday became the first of President Trump’s agencies to issue an order barring the agency from being drawn into court settlements that alter environmental outcomes to the liking of environmental and other special interest groups.”

(When you check out headlines at Ace, be sure to read the sidebar)

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