Did I say wrecking ball? I did.

So, this is the latest cover of Time:

And the really delicious part of this is that they meant it to sting rather than to be red meat for Trump voters, and for people like me, who couldn’t bring ourselves to vote for Trump but who accept that he is the natural, predictable result of, and necessary remedy to, our politicians for the last fifty years or so.

I have explained this over and over to my friends who so kindly like to tell me that anybody who voted for Trump or who doesn’t object to him loudly enough are rape supporters and white supremacists or at best, stupid idiots who think Trump is going to be a Christian conservative.

None of the above, cupcakes. None of the above. Many of those who voted for Trump or who don’t mind him are looking for a wrecking ball. That the left now thinks this is an indictment rather than a high five, you got what you hoped for, is delightful irony.

It bothered me at first, when my alleged friends lobbed those accusations, but then I looked at their track record for being correct about political issues, and it’s pretty abysmal.

(I said Trump was a wrecking ball and that was a good thing on October 1, and previously in March of 2016. Okay, I quoted Douglas Wilson calling Trump a wrecking ball, but I’ve used it since. incidentally, so far I’m pleased to see that I was wrong about the Trump presidency. I am disappointed we are still fighting overseas, but I am happy about Gorsuch and his historic level of cuts in the regulatory stranglehold that D.C. loves)

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  1. Christine Shah
    Posted November 1, 2017 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    Count me in as someone that appreciates his wrecking ball style. Break those eggs, Mr. President! Good results for American citizens are all that really matter in the end.

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