Bergdahl pleads guilty of desertion and other news

Six soldiers died searching for him after he deserted his post and abandoned his comrades in a war zone. Obama traded terrorists for him, feted him in a Rose Garden ceremony, called him a hero.
He just pleaded guilty to desertion. He was and is no hero.

In England- Muslim spits at a random baby’s face, shouts ‘White people shouldn’t breed,’ and gets off scot-free. Another man leaves a bacon sandwich in front of a mosque along with a St George flag saying ‘No mosques,” and is jailed for a year. He can’t fulfil his sentence because he was found dead in his cell four months later.

If your name is Clinton, you don’t get to claim there are sexual predators in the White House. We know it isn’t sexual predation you object to, but a nominally GOP candidate in the WH, because it isn’t you.
Nothing Trump is accused of comes close to what Clinton did. Juanita Broaderick, now in her seventies, is still telling anybody who will listen that Bill Clinton raped her, but Hilary is one of the people who not only won’t listen, but has tried to silence Ms Broaderick in the past.

New FBI documents enforce claim that Comey was ready to exonerate Hilary before his ‘investigation’ was completed- before key witnesses were interviewed.

Hilary falls on stairs, breaks toe. I saw the headline linked on twitter and I almost didn’t go look because I thought, ‘meh. People fall on the stairs, it doesn’t have to mean anything. I’ve broken a toe moving a table. Don’t overdo it with the negative reports, guys.’ But then I clicked through and read Hilary’s ‘explanation:’

“I was running down the stairs in heels with a cup of coffee in hand, I was talking over my shoulder and my heel caught and I fell backwards,” Clinton told “The Graham Nortion Show.”

“I tried to get up and it really hurt. I’ve broken my toe. I’ve received excellent care from your excellent health service.”

She’s lying. She doesn’t run on stairs. She can barely walk on them, often needing support. Watch how careful she is, and how hard she clutches the rail, sometimes with both hands, and how labored a single step is:


Beautiful, raw (language warning) insider response to Weinstein allegations.
This is powerful stuff and I am sure writing it was cathartic and helped with his guilt. Guess what? Nobody is surprised that he knew and kept quiet. We know all of Hollywood knew.
You know what else we know? We know Harvey is not the only one. We know there are others still being protected by silence. The author know this, too. If he was really sorry, so sorry victims mattered more than his self disgust at not speaking up about Harvey, about not being the head of the pack there, then he would speak up now about the other ‘open secrets.’

In the wake of Weinstein there’s this ‘Me Too’ thing on social media, where you’re supposed to say “me, too’ If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment and such- the idea being to give American a sense of the magnitude of the problem so maybe things will change. I am thinking a culture that celebrates the founder of Playboy magazine and considers Larry Flynt an admirable free speech advocate isn’t going to get it, and is not going to know what to do about it anyway. Going along with that campaign, here are some tips a helpful feminist offered men on what they could do. mostly, I think the’d do well to do the opposite of her suggestions.

I have previously compared the left to Mao’s cultural revolution where victims were publicly shamed, made to recant, disavow and engage in self criticism. Pretty much every day I see another example of that mob mentality. Here we go again- author of a young adult novel which was given a positive review by a Muslim reviewer on Kirkus is victim of backlash- and Kirkus pulled the positive review.

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  1. JM
    Posted October 17, 2017 at 12:28 am | Permalink

    “I’ve received excellent care from your excellent health service.”

    And if that’s a plug for their government run health care it’s a lie too. She got in and out quick with the best doctor her money could buy. Don’t doubt it.

    I am amazed that I can still be amazed by the Clintons.

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