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FBI and the Russia Probe– this is probably the least hyperbolic and most straightforward thing I’ve read on this. Very helpful.

Bombshell? The Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid opposition research firm Fusion GPS to investigate Donald Trump as part of a project that led to the infamous dossier compiled by a former British spy. More here. And remember that Fusion’s CEOs pleaded the fifth before House investigation committee. The new leftwing response to this is that it’s just opposition research, everybody does this. Keep a couple of things in mind- Basically, this means the dossier was just Clinton financed opposition ‘research,’ or rather, largely a creative writing assignment they paid for, and then the media carried it without question, as is, without investigating of their own. And here’s what they were saying about it in January. POdesta’s group is also being investigated– this Podesta is the brother of Hilary’s campaign manager, the guy whose emails were ‘hacked’ most likely because his password was password.

Blacklisting in the comics industry. I don’t care much about comics. I do care about blacklisting.

Crown Prince of Saudi vows to rid his country of extremism and return to a moderate and more modern version of Islam.

CNN really does think everybody else is stupid.

Dressing as a Disney cartoon character is offensive, says Cosmopolitan. Not really.

Prozac polluting waterwasy. Makes crabs, er, crabbier. No, really. It’s a real problem.

What is a populist, anyway?

All three investigations have one important characteristic in common: James Comey, Mr. Mueller’s successor as FBI director, played a dubious role in each.

What’s happening with China and the Philippines in the South China Seas and why you should care. Good read.

Obama et al called Bergdahl a hero and traded known terrorists in order to bring him home. The press duly carried out Obama’s directive and tried to turn the deserter into a hero. He’s confessed to desertion (I told you so) and misbehaving in front of the enemy, which doesn’t mean he put gum on the wall and toiletpapered somebody’s tent, you know? You don’t know. You’re civilians. (ok, I didn’t know, either, so I looked it up for us.)
What he also did is abandon his post and cause the death and extreme injuries of soldiers tasked to look for the missing man. Here are the stories of three men whose lives were changed forever because of what Bergdahl *chose* to do. Bergdahl is not the hero.
I’d have some sympathy for him if he’d shot himself in the foot, but I have none for this. One of the men injured while searching for Bergdahl is a married father of two who was shot in the head and is confined to a wheelchair and cannot speak. Did Obama hold a Rose Garden ceremony for him or the other two men wounded, lives changed forever, because of Bergdahl? Rhetorical question, but, no. Of course he didn’t. Had Bergdahl shot himself in the foot two children would still have a father who could toss them in the air, take them for walks and read stories to them. Five terrorists would still be in prison. Another soldier would still be using his right hand. Another soldier would still be a soldier- his leg wound ended his military career. They are unimpressed with Bergdahl’s claim that he didn’t know his desertion of his post would result in a search for him.

238 women have come forward to accuse Director Toback of sexual harassment. European parliament may be next on receiving end of a wave of accusations. Wow.

Republican Flake (that’s his name, but it suits) won’t be running for re-election. If you only get your news from the establishment/left but I repeat myself, you think he gave a historic speech adn this is a sad loss. There’s a reason they are all using the same language, and not everybody views this as a loss.

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  1. Cindy
    Posted October 25, 2017 at 7:49 am | Permalink

    People keep saying the dossier was “compiled” by this guy. Given the ridiculousness of some of the items in it, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s a mighty funny way of spelling “made up”.

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