The island of Barbuda is only around 60 miles long, and Hurricane Erma was nearly 400 miles wide.  The entire island was evacuated in advance of the storm, and supplies laid in on the island of Antiqua, where the residents now live.  Nobody knows how long it will take to rebuild.  Meanwhile, 500 school storm refugee children have suddenly been added to Antiqua’s responsibilities.

http://thehill.com/opinion/immigration/350217-americans-support-a-border-wall-more-than-the-media-wants-to-believe: Polls claiming Americans oppose Trump’s border wall don’t actually ask any questions about Trump’s border wall.  Reminder- we already have 650 miles of wall, most of it done in the last four presidential terms.  The reporter in this article strives to convince us the wall is useless.  See if you can spot another problem.

Climate Change lawsuit against ExxonMibil isn’t about climate change: “A federal judge in Boston dealt a major blow yesterday to environmental activist groups seeking to sue fossil fuel companies for supposedly ignoring the risks of climate change. The Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) had sued ExxonMobil for allegedly failing to sufficiently prepare a facility in Everett, Mass., for the effects of climate change, including sea level rise and more frequent and severe storms. CLF is yet another Rockefeller bankrolled organization that is closely tied in with the #ExxonKnew campaign.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf allowed ExxonMobil’s motion to dismiss to proceed, in part. Wolf repeatedly suggested that CLF was unnecessarily injecting climate change into its complaint, to the detriment of the group’s own argument. As Wolf saw it, the case is about whether ExxonMobil has violated the terms of its permit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and he thus ordered CLF to refile its complaint with the references to climate change removed.”

You cannot blame Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on global warming, (but that doesn’t stop propagandists from trying).  Helpful history here.

Susan Rice lied about unmasking.



North Korea has fired another missile over Japan, landing in the northern Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, regarding North Korea’s previous missile: U.S. Strategic Command is assuming that North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb Sept. 2, moving the country closer to the ability to destroy an entire American city, Air Force Gen. John Hyten said Thursday.

U.N. Security Council will meet on Friday to discuss N.K.




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