Commencement Addresses

Brain pickings characterizes the best and most timeless commencement speeches of all times this way:

“Across them runs a common thread of what seems to be as much a critical message, the message, for the young as it is an essential lifelong reminder for all: No social convention of success should lure you away from or could be a substitute for finding your purpose and doing what you love.”

That may be good advice, and those speeches may be excellent, but that is hardly timeless advice.  It’s very modern, very contemporary, very conventional.  In fact, these great ‘timeless’ commencement speeches  are strangely and irrevocably nailed firmly to one time period- ours.


That post was a piggy back to this list of great and timeless commencement speeches, equally tethered to a single decade.

We are cut flowers, rootless, floating on a stormy sea, drifting ever further from any kind of mooring.  And we don’t even know we’re drifting.


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  1. Lisa Beth W.
    Posted September 13, 2017 at 9:42 am | Permalink

    Pardon me if I excuse myself from being included in that collective “we”. 😉 It’s a very good description, though. I glanced at all the names of who gave these “timeless” speeches and shuddered.

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