Aging and bruising

I have a couple of really large, very colourful bruises, and no idea how I got them. One of them in particularly bothers me because I feel sure I *should* know. It’s the kind of thing where i have this vague memory of doing something (what? I don’t know), and saying to myself, ‘Self, that’s gonna leave a mark. You’re going to wonder where it came from, and this is it.” But the important detail of what and when and how this and it occured, that’s missing.

The other one is on my stomach, and it’s nicely green and deep, wine dark purple, and I have no clue at all. It’s longer than my index finger and wider than the space between the tip and first knuckle of that same index finger. How I could have a bruise that large almost in the center of my belly and not know how is baffling to me.

Well, that’s what I thought until just a few minutes ago when I went outside to hang up the laundry. The most direct way out to the back patio which has the washing machine and clothesline is a door partially bocked by an immovable piece of furniture. The door doesn’t open wide enough for me to fit through unless I squeeze out sideways, and the doorknob drags across my stomach, just a bit. It doesn’t even hurt. or rather, it didn’t, the first ten times. Lately, I’ve been taking the out way out, longer and more zig zagging along a narrow walkway, because it’s started to hurt when I squeeze out. Now I realize why.

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  1. Frances
    Posted September 2, 2017 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    Ouch, yes – I’m a chronic walker into corners of furniture and doorknobs (lousy peripheral awareness which is why I never learned to drive) but I too get odd bruises I can’t account for.

    Well, I hope the tummy one clears up soon, now that you know what to avoid!

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