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“So long as they are reading?” Content matters.

“The habit of casual reading… is a form of mild intellectual dissipation which does more harm than we realise. Many who would not read even a brilliant novel of a certain type, sit down to read twaddle without scruple. Nothing is too scrappy, nothing is too weak to “pass the time!” The “Scraps” literature of […]

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Stumbling into a world you don’t know

Here’s an article on the work that archivists do. It’s on the long side, but I found it very interesting. I especially appreciated this: “Lannon said that Google had changed the way people sought information. “They only want information based on the information they think they want,” he said. As a rule, he said, archivists […]

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Some quirks of life here in the Philippines

As I have mentioned, we have two different household helpers who come, not on the same day.  One of them is because we need her.  Well, we really, really do better with her here, and also, now that I am working in the high school library four hours every day,and the Cherub and I walk […]

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P.N.E.U. Principles As Illustrated by Teaching, 2

P.N.E.U. Principles As Illustrated by Teaching by Miss R. A. Pennethorne, Ex-Student, House of Education Volume 10, 1899, pgs. 549 I wrote part one of this set a little over a year ago. Nobody can say I was hasty, right?  If you want to brush up on that, you could read part one here. She’s […]

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Glenn Loury, Walter Williams on Race

An Ivy League Professor on What the Campus Conversation on Race Gets Wrong: * “I think the European colonization of the world left a lot of bodies lying around, but I also think it was a necessary stepping stone to the modern globalized civilization that we enjoy. But these aren’t conversations we actually have. On […]

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