View on my street

One of the things I want to post more about, but am having trouble loading pics and video and explaining coherently, is the recent work we’ve had going on to update our ditches and culverts on our street. You can see a small bit of that here. But what you mainly see is the carabao- the water buffalo. I was chatting with a neighborhood boy, 8 years old, and he speaks very good English (it’s his favourite subject in school). As we were chatting this massive horned beast came ambling down the road behind the child, with his keeper behind him. I grabbed my phone to take a picture. the child just shrugged. It’s such a common sight.

I’m working at the school every day now, manning the high school library and study hall in the afternoons. On our walk to school we pass a large open field which often has various livestock- goats, carabao, ducks and other poultry.

There are also a couple of signs in the filed right by the sidewalk, about the size of a small bulletin board, advertising a local business, or announcing roadwork. The sun is blazing hot when we walk- I use an umbrella for portable shade. Sometimes a local craftsman who sells wove floor mats and hand fans sits in the shade of one of the signs to market his wares to passers by. One day last week he had moved to a shadier area across the street. As we walked along on the sidewalk, just about the time we reached one of those signs, the shade on the other side shifted, and stood up and we found ourselves about six inches from the dark gray water buffalo that had been resting in the shadow of the sign. It was rather startling, to say the least. They seem to be mild mannered, easy going animals, but still, to suddenly find a shadow shifting and becoming corporeal and very, very large and solid is mildly shocking to my system.

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