Subversion of Normalcy

“No matter,” I said, “it provides a starting point. You know nothing else that might be relevant?

“Well,” – she blushed again- “not officially, I mean.  I haven’t told anyone else about it.” Shehestiated.  I adopted an expression, as I hoped, of sympathetic encouragement. ‘You see, a few months ago, I got engaged. To a chap,” she added helpfully, as if supposing me unaware that when a young woman becomes engaged it is customarily to a young man.”

From Sarah Caudwell’s The Sirens Sang of Murder, a delightful little British murder mystery (with regrettable adulterous episodes, which, though not graphic, remain adulterous) which I found in a bookstore here in the Philippines for just 25 Pesos, or 50 cents in American coinage.  It was published in 1989, the year before our fifth child was born.  In 1989 the first internet service companies formed, the Berlin wall fell, G.W. Bush took office as president, the original Ghostbusters was cool, The Babysitters Club series was highly popular, and it was normal to assume an engagement would be between a man and a woman.  Normal.


True evil is the subversion of normalcy.

“Defining Deviancy Down (DDD) was an expression coined by the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1993. Moynihan based his phrase on the theory of Emile Durkheim that there is a limit to the bad behavior that a society can tolerate before it has to start lowering its standards. In ’93, the senator applied his slogan to the “moral deregulation” that had eroded families, increased crime, and produced the mentally ill “homeless” population. (source) Senator Moynihan was a democrat, and he served as Senator for over 20 years.”

We’ve been “defining deviance downward” a long time (note the afore mentioned episodes of adultery).  It’s slipped to us via entertainment and social posturing.  Christians who are not interested in a ‘thoughtful’ discussion of why sin is sin and not an alternate lifestyle, or why letting children make such momentous decisions as choosing their own gender is child abuse and degeneracy and predatory, well, they are ‘phobic,’ ‘angry,’ driven by fear and anger, hateful.

If you can speak dispassionately of the deliberate foisting of deviancy on children, then you are part of the problem, you are part of the evil that is a blight on our land, culture, lives, and families.

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