For want of a tomato a job was lost

This is three years old or so, but it is a funny story. Well, the story isn’t funny, the husband’s reaction is hilarious.  According to history professor Goggle, Marni Sky’s husband David revised the original 30K figure downward, explained that he had exaggerated some details because he originally wrote the letter to make his wife laugh and feel better about what was a disappointing and humiliating action by Whole Foods,  WF apologized and offered a 25 dollar gift certificate, and said that security at the store was contracted out so the guy who accosted her was not their employee and also had no authority to arrest anybody, detain her, or ban her from the store. (not sure what authority security has, then, other to embarrass people and threaten to call the police).
I don’t doubt it was an accident.  I can see moving your gymn bag out of your cart to the bottom because you’re buying more stuff than you planned to and there’s not enough room in the cart anymore.  And even if you don’t stick the gymn bag on top of the water bottles in the bottom rack of the cart, it’s very common for customers to forget items are there.  Cashiers are told to doublecheck before they finish checking somebody out for just that reason.  So it is an omission I believe because it’s a common one.
However, and casting *no* aspersions on the woman in the above story, while reading comments about the story in another forum, one person accused her of stealing, and another defending her by saying nobody in their right mind would steal five dollars worth of stuff while spending a hundred dollars on other stuff.  The logic of that defense would make sense if humans were completely rational human beings never motivated or prompted by any motives other than robotic ration.  But we aren’t. We are  motivated by things which aren’t rational at all- some of those motivations are love, daring, risk-taking, thrill-seeking, revenge, greed, laziness, selfishness, and all manner of emotions which are not based in a strictly logical thought process.
FWIW people are also just plain dumb. I have personally known of an instance where a woman who really needed her brand new job lost it when she stole five dollars worth of groceries from the store by letting a friend check through the line without charging him.  The theft was so flagrantly she was caught by the casual eye of a not very diligent fellow worker because it was just that blatant and,  also on the store’s cameras. She lost her job and ended up in jail over 5 dollars worth of produce.  How did five dollars worth of produce merit jail? That’s my favourite part of the story. 
She was a new employee, had only been on the job for a couple of weeks.  It’s never okay to have your employees stealing from you, but because that particular store was in an area where it was really, really hard to find qualified employees, they were a bit more lenient than they might have been had the competent and honest labour pool been larger.   Usually for an amount that small and that early in her employment, management would have given her a second chance provided she apologized and promised never to do it again.  
So management called her back to the office to discuss what had happened.  She pretended to have no idea why she was there, so they pointed out they had a witness and a video record and there was no question about what she had done.  They explained that employee theft is considered rightful cause for termination.  They paused for the admission of wrong doing and the apology. At that point,  she hoisted her leg onto the manager’s desk and hitched up her pant leg, revealing that she was wearing an electronic ankle monitor.   She  earnestly explained that they really should not fire her because she was on parole and would return to jail if she lost her job, facts previously undisclosed to management when they hired her.
She was completely baffled that they did not see her undisclosed criminal record and current state of being on conditional parole as compelling reasons to keep somebody who stole from them on staff. She was fired on the spot.  The other reasons were more than enough, but they also took into account the horrific judgement displayed by somebody who needed the job to stay out of jail being willing to risk it all for five dollars worth of salad fixings.

They weren’t even organic.

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