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Western Civilization

The Guardian declares there’s no such thing, because it’s a modern invention. So are a lot of things- economic theories about the past that are currently taught in schools, for example. So’s the theory of evolution. And the Guardian.

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This is a rangoon creeper or a sort of honeysuckle. It smells pretty.  It’s a vine that gets really thick and bushy.  The flowers bloom white at night and over two or three days change colour to pink and then to red, and you can see all three stages at the same time. It’s quite […]

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Road Work

There’s an open gutter along the outside edge of our ‘yard’ (scare quotes because our yard is 100% concrete, with two small flower beds), and it runs along the fence and then under the gate and directly into the open ditch that runs along the side of the road. When we moved in the ditch […]

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My family ran a station on the underground railroad

My family ran a station on the underground railroad.  I mentioned this on FB, and Francis asked to hear more about it.  There is not a lot to tell. It is 8 parts myth and family lore, one part circumstantial and one part proven fact.  There would be at least one way, I think, to […]

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