Quail Eggs


In addition to as many fruits as grew in the Garden of Eden (I’m sure), we can also buy quail eggs for about a dollar a for 2 dozen- sometimes.  Sometimes they are a couple dollars, sometimes I don’t see them at all. I boil them according to directions I found on the internet, peel them and have them as a snack, or drop them into cup ramen or a pot of ramen along with shredded cabbage and onion and maybe some kang kaong or alugbati leaves and green onions.

Regular eggs can be bought in cartons for about 1.80-2.00 a dozen (USD), or individually for around .06 per egg (give or take a penny, depending on the season).  They are not spotessly clean and they are not refrigerated, because they don’t really need to be on either count.


Fish is affordable, chicken and pork aren’t bad.  Beef is pretty pricey.  I still sometimes get the prices wrong because I forget I’m buying things priced per KG, not per pound.

I make a fresh pineapple smoothie once or twice a week- it may also contain mango, avocado, coconut (fresher than fresh) and I cheat and add about half a cup of one of the crazy varieties of Tang here.  The Tang comes packaged like kool-ade, you can add sugar, or buy it with sugar already added, and you buy individual packets very inexpensively (about .16-20 cents, depending on where you sh0p and what you’re getting).  Flavors include:







and a few other things.  Pomelo is my favourite, but I think they are all good.

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