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Retiring to South or Central America becoming an American trend? Could be. I have to confess, I’m a little amused by a few of the frustrations of the locals with the new immigrants. They won’t learn the language?

Evergreen College– I fear this good professor is at least five years behind the times. The current climate from the progressive left has long been so toxic and so divorced from reality that there is no point in defending yourself from the racist card, which will be played if you are white and do anything whatsoever that rubs a preening SJW the wrong way. The correct answer is ‘Whatever,’ and moving on with what you want to say, because the charge itself has lost all meaning.

Mark Steyn on London and terrorism. IT’s a good read, and you want to read yesterday’s as well.

And you really have to read this thread on Twitter as well.

I honestly saw some idiot post to the effect that we really just need to be like the Whos down in Whoville and stand in a circle holding hands and singe the Grinches out of their child killing, bomb blasting, woman raping, ways.

CNN caught on tape– at *best*, they are stage managing a fake protest put together for the cameras. They deny it, but you can see it for yourself- they tell people where to stand, how to hold their signs, and the crowd of around ten people, a dozen, at most, protestors leave when the cameras are down- although they do show up elsewhere

Socialist Seattle city council member cheered when she announces she has no Republican friends. They really do hate diversity. They always have. They long to be thought police.

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    I think I found the first one encouraging. My inlaws are apparently planning to do this (the article is from their local newspaper, too), and I just can’t imagine it. It is good to hear that the medical care is good… but “quirky”? I wonder what that means? I just can’t see them using public transport, or walking, or having “quirky” doctors.

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