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“White left” in China is an internet insult. White left means about what you think it means. This article about it is on the scholarly side, but it’s pretty interesting. It’s not really about drawing any final conclusions, but does offer several things to think about.

Toxoplasmosis is not just a worry for pregnant women after all. Cat lover friends, read these links and take precautions. Kind of reminds me of the Mad Hatter and it’s sad that mad hatters and crazy cat ladies may have something in common.

Still in doubt about media bias? During the Comey hearings, NBC’s Neeley thought it was highly important to tell America that Comey claimed AG Sessions instructed him not to report on Russia investigations as ‘investigation,’ but to refer to them merely as the Russia matter. Well, yes, that would be highly disturbing. But Neeley got it almost completely upside down- Comey’s testimony there wasn’t about AG Sessions, but about OBAMA’s AG Loretta Lynch, and it was not about Russia, but about the investigation into Hilary’s email ‘situation.’ Corrected, Neely just took down the tweet. Because suddenly it didn’t matter, wasn’t news, was not worth reporting now that it didn’t make Trump look bad, but only reflected incredibly poorly on the Obama administration.


Talk about your soft bigotry of low expectations– Denver officials are concerned that too many illegal immigrants in their fair city run a higher risk of deportation because certain low-risk, non-violent crimes carried a penalty of a year in prison, and that year sentence on their records would draw unfavourable attention to their status and and cause them to be deported.  I don’t really care about that one way or the other- a year sentence does seem extreme to me, and as the article also points out, these crimes basically penalize being homeless, although a couple of the reductions in sentences also penalize property owners by treating squatting as a hand slappable offense.

However, the politicians here specifically connect these crimes to the local immigrant community.   They are very straightforward about it, claiming that in order to protect the illegal immigrants in their city from this deportation risk, they must reduce the penalties for this specific set of crimes, which, apparently, Denver officials have reason to believe illegal aliens are more likely to commit.  Here they are:

  • Sitting or lying in the public right-of-way
  • Unauthorized camping on public or private property prohibited
  • Urinating or defecating in public
  • Panhandling
  • Curfews and closures
  • Storage and loading
  • Prohibitions
  • Solicitation on or near street or highway

What do you suppose would happen if normal people suggested that illegal aliens were more likely to poop in public, participate in prostitution, and help themselves to camping out on your personal property?


Babies are born recognizing words, and also enough language patterns that they recognize foreign languages as new to them.


Why you should read the hard stuff.

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