Davao Update: Martial Law, Mawari City,

We do usually check the news every day at some point, but yesterday we were busy doing other things and we just didn’t.  So it wasn’t until we got a cab to go to the mall to grab dinner and some groceries that we found out that earlier in the day Davao City police had apprehended Cayamura Maute, father of a couple of the lead maute terrorists currently holding hostages and fighting in Marawi, along with his son-in-law, a bunch of money, a grenade and a pistol.

Our cab driver was very excited about it, and he was listening to the news.

 Cayamura Maute, elder member of Maute group, apprehended at Davao City checkpoint !!!!!

His English was not as good as most of the drivers we have had, or else he was just so excited about it that he was getting flustered.  I understood that a key terrorist figure had been apprehended trying to get into Davao, that some brothers were involved, that a grenade and pistol and a lot of money had also been collected, and that he’d been caught at a specific checkpoint.  We listened to the news with him and he would try to explain parts of it,

But at one point I thought the driver was telling us that the newscaster was saying terrorists could never get into Davao because Davao City people were just too intelligent for them and would catch them every time, which is not a surprising sentiment, nor is it necessarily wrong- I don’t know about the smarter than the rest of the island part because I have nothing to compare, but I do know that Davao City people love their city and are justifiably proud of what a safe place it is to live, and they fully intend to keep it that way.  But still, it seems an odd way for a newscaster to speak.  Then he said a string of something in Visaya that I couldn’t quite patch together. He talked about intelligence (that word was English, or near enough), and watching, and he mentioned himself in the first person two or three times, but I wasn’t sure what he meant.

At the mall (where you can have an hour of free wi-fi if you are lucky, which is most of the time, although mine wouldnpt connect for the first hour we were there)- I checked the news to find out more.  The brothers are Cayamura’s sons, leading the fighting up north, and holding several hostages.  I also read that not only did the police scoop up a lot of terrorist cash from papa Cayamura’s car, but that soldiers in Marawi had found an even large cache in a house they had cleared in Marawi.  It’s not known for certain yet if it is part of the terrorist’s bankroll, but they strongly suspect it is.

When we finished shopping we caught another cab home, and this driver, too, was immensely proud and very excited and wanted to talk about what had happened. His English was a little better, or I had enough additional details of the story to be able to fill in a few things, or possibly both.  He also said that terrorists will try to get into Davo City but they will fail because Davao has more intelligence- and then as he went on, I realize what both drivers had been talking about was not cleverness and high I.Q. intellegence, but Intelligence– that is,  Intelligence agencies, Intelligence gathering, and then what the first taxi driver had said to us clicked into place- he was telling us that part of the successful intelligence gathering in Davao city is because of the eagerness of Dabawenyos themselves to keep their city safe and as crime-free as they can, that they are all watching and alert and will report suspicious activity so that every citizen is part of the intelligence gathering that protects the city.  Ahhhh.  I love it when I finally reach a point of understanding what somebody was trying to tell me.

Now, to an American, the first pass through processing this is chilling and we think Soviet Union and informers. But it’s not like that.  These are people who love their city and their President and they know there are other people who want to kill them and change their city and their government, and will shirk at nothing to do it.   Also, frankly, to people who still have living memories of when the criminal element controlled the streets and daily murders were a regular thing, law and order is far more desirable than what passes for liberty in the U.S.  That liberty we value so highly turns out, as I am seeing here, to only be available to those under the protection of the strong, and largely only in a culture where fair play and protection of women and children is part of the ethos. When part of your cultural values includes raping women and selling children into slavery and forced conversion, protecting my freedom of speech at the expense of rooting out the people with that ideology and weapons to back them up is kind of pointless. Dead men have no liberties.  Soapbox over.

This article is also informative, this quote from the end was something I heard on the radio, too, and he said it pretty much as you would expect- dryly, not exactly a threat, but not not a threat, either. MOre like merely pointing out a key piece of information that should be kept in mind. Chief Superintendent Manuel Gaerlan:

“told the rebel Maute brothers to take care of their hostages in Marawi City as the authorities will also take care of Cayamora.”


Meanwhile, in Marawi the fighting continues. The dead include 134 terrorists, 38 government troops and 30 civilians.

“Though the military has regained control of key areas in the Islamic City and has been considering the reopening of the city hospital, Padilla said the AFP could not accede to the residents’ pleas to stop air strikes and offensives.

“Troops need to judiciously use force because of a stiffer kind of resistance from the inner enclaves of the city,” Padilla said.

“We feel the pain, we feel the hurt of every member, of every citizen of Marawi, but let us remember we did not start this. It was the armed group that entered the city to wreak havoc on it,” Padilla added.

The military on Tuesday made public a recovered video of suspected Islamic State leader Isnilon Hapilon and other terrorists plotting the carnage in Marawi City.

“That video actually is a clear proof that the group of Maute, ISIS, has this intention of not only rebellion but actually dismembering a portion of the Philippine territory by occupying the whole of Marawi City and establishing their own Islamic State or government,” AFP chief of staff Eduardo Año said.
Año added that the terrorists originally planned to attack Marawi City on May 26 at the start of Ramadan, but had to move it to an earlier date due to the military’s attempt to neutralize Hapilon.”

Mawari city was already majority Muslim.  And they were going to attack it and establish their own Islamic government anyway.  That’s is the goal everywhere and pretending this is about food and because we just don’t know each other well enough is criminally idiotic and irresponsible. IT’s the wishful thinking of a five year old, not the measured, reality based thinking of adults.

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  1. Christine Shah
    Posted June 7, 2017 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    Unfortunately, those that think we need to lean into the Kumbaya, rather than acknowledging the reality of Islamic extremists, are the same people that cannot be made to hear anything different. Perhaps they are reacting to the terrorism with notions like climate change as the cause or lack of multicultural understanding as the cause or economic inequality as a cause because they too operate under an ideology and recognize it in others. My many liberal friends create their own reasons for everything that happens based entirely on whatever fits their ideology and will brook no disagreement. Their ultimate fantasy is a world where everyone agrees with them and does what they think people should do. So…Sharia law, Utopian law…potayto, potahto. One is cruel, punitive and inhumane, yes, but they both require adherence and group think, in my opinion. And, yes, I have heard friends say that we should allow sharia in America because they have rights too.

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