Take some aspirin, these headlines are head-deskers.*

Netflix edits inconvenient facts about chromosomes and sex from old Bill Nye show.  Chromosomes and what they do are double plus ungood these days that we no longer believe in science, but prefer the fairy tale that gender/sex are merely social constructs.

Here’s a sad trip down memory lane into the tragic and horrific history of that theory. It’s built on abuse by a monster and it ruined lives.  It still is, actually.

“Behind every left wing hero lurks a hidden trail of pain, abuse and broken lives. The entire foundation of their ideology rests upon a mouldering, vermin infested bed of lies.”



This is funnier.  Remember the old Agatha Christie classic Murder on the Orient Express?  Remember the old movie about it?  Remember that the Orient Express was a train that never really quite made it to the orient- it got to Turey at one point, but the action on the train takes place in Croatia, and it takes place in 1930s Europe, and… okay, you do?

And so this will crack you up when it’s not making you so sad for the film critic who has apparently never read a book and does not know how to google.

“Movie called “Orient Express” – and I don’t see any Asian people on here”

But then she doubled down and said of course, she knew it was a train that went from Istanbul to Paris and had nothing to do with what she might think of as oriental, and it was based on a book set in the 1930s, but the real problem she was pointing out was just the horrible assumption that all British people are white.

In 1930’s England, in a story where not all the characters are British- one of them is a Russian princess.  And I wonder, do you think that’s as bad as assuming that a famous train called The Orient Express and a famous murder mystery set on that train and a famous movie of that famous book and the remake of that famous movie  must have something to do with Asian people?  Incidentally, the movie *does* make a couple swaps to make the racial make up a bit more politically correct and not so reflective of the passengers and staff you’d have found on The Orient Express in the 1930s.  So obviously her real issue was she didn’t have a clue what the Orient Express was, but wanted to set them straight anyway.


Comey knew Clinton broke the law and he was trying to protect her (there is no legal protection for ‘didn’t mean to leak classified emails’).  How bad was it? This bad:

On Tuesday, Comey, in fact, confirmed that the FBI had learned that classified emails were forwarded from Clinton’s email account by Clinton aide Huma Abedin to her husband Anthony Weiner so he could print them out. (This appears to be illegal, but perhaps all those immunity deals Comey was handing out came in handy.) Her computer, like other servers and laptops that Hillary’s staff tried to dispose of, hide, clean, and whatnot, were supposed to have been in the hands of the FBI.

Jimmy Kimmel and ObamaCare

Ben Shapiro has the same story.


No.  America is not The Handmaid’s Tale.


*This was not and is not medical advice.  Consult your medical provider.  Do not try head-desking at home

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