Frog Dissection

I am the Mom who proudly and excitedly brought home a baby shark preserved in a jar, which I found for a dollar a thrift shop.

So when I was at the local bookstore and spotted a deep row of these on the shelf behind the cashier, I had to have one:

132 pesos (Philippine pesos), which, because the patron saints of math dummies are smiling on me right now, is the equivilant of 2.64 USD money, which isn’t bad.  It’s real, people, not plastic. It is a real frog skeleton. Probably, we think, it is a Luzon Wartfrog. You can read a lot about them here, but I have my doubts about some of this information. I cannot speak to the entire country, but they sure do not seem to be endangered in my neighborhood.  We can hardly sleep at night for the noise they make after a good rain.  I am afraid to walk on some roads after dark because I am afraid I will step on a frog.
Anyway- the Boy has dissected a few things, clam, shrimp, fish, and he observed the preparation of a monkey corpse for a museum skeletal exhibit.  He will probably do an octopus, but not a frog.  So of course, he needed the frog skeleton.  He’s looked it over, sketched it, and next he’ll look through the following links and make some more observations.  I know it’s not the same as dissecting it, but I have limits and they were kind of crushed with the shrimp.  So this will have to do.

Frog Dissection helps:

Cartoon style coloured drawing of digestive system.

Coloured sketch, less cartoony, different angle from above.

Black and white, major arteries

Black and white sketch, abdominal and chest cavity

Video, internal anatomy of a grass frog:

Part one

Part two

Bones (and brain)

Student guide to Frog dissection

Frog skeletal system with labels (scroll down, there are a couple of weird videos at the top of the page)

I bought two- one for my son, and one for our oldest grandson (age 7).

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