Syrian MIssile Strikes and other news

The Case Against Immigration: It’s an emotional issue and people get their hackles up and make arguments based on idealism, how they wish things were without any regard, knowledge, or interest in how they *actually* are.  They talk about how we are a nation of immigrants without any idea of the historical facts behind that and how it all really happened.  You have to register to read the whole thing (registration is free, I recommend a fake email, one set up for stuff like this), but it’s worth reading and thinking about.

Our president has launched a missile strike on a Syrian Air Base.

Glenn Reynolds:

“On Facebook, a friend comments that half the point of this was doing it while the Chinese president was with him. And Richard Fernandez notes: “The bitter fruit of Obama’s war by executive order is now upon us. Whatever happened to Congress’ war powers?”

Neither Democrats nor Republicans would assert those powers under Obama. Who will do so now? But this does seem more like a continuation of Obama’s mideast policies than a reversal of them. Which, given how they turned out, isn’t promising.”

100 years ago Woodrow Wilson got us into The War to End All Wars.  How did that work out for all of us?


Arkansas is planning 7 executions in a 10 day span (they had wanted 8, but a judge required a stay for one of them) because:

“Arkansas is cramming so many executions into such a short time frame because its supply of one of the lethal injection drugs is about to expire. Like many states, it’s struggling to find new supplies because manufacturers have been pressured into not selling them to prisons for executions.”

How the sexual revolution is working out for us:

“….More than 42 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 59 are infected with genital human papillomavirus, according to the first survey to look at the prevalence of the virus in the adult population….

“…HPV is a ubiquitous virus, the most common sexually transmitted infection in the United States. About 40 strains of the virus are sexually transmitted, and virtually all sexually active individuals are exposed to it by their early 20s.”

Senate goes nuclear on Democrat blockade of Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Gorsuch.  Others call this the Reid option.   Here’s a neutral description of the historical background of the ‘nuclear option.’

How deep is the ocean?

They mentioned the Dumbo Octopus- here’s some video footage of this adorable little creature.

And here’s a lot more information about these fascinating creatures.


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