Re-accomodate is the newest buzzword

United badly overbooked their flight, as per usual. Then they needed four seats for their own staff (not sure how that works, don’t staff have their own seating?) and they had already allowed everybody to board and be seated.
They asked for volunteers to leave for 400 dollars and an overnight stay in a hotel. No takers. They offered 800. I think they had 2 takers, and then instead of offering more, they randomly chose two more tributes, I mean ‘volunteers’ by computer.

A man who was chosen to ‘volunteer’ said he is a doctor who has patients he needs to see tomorrow, so he refused to get up. United called in Chicago cops who forcibly dragged him, while screaming, up out of the window seat and over another seat, bloodied his lip in the process, and then dragged him off the plane by his arms, like the cops were neanderthols and he was a victim. What do I mean, ‘like?’ They dragged him like he was a thing, not a person. His shirt was up over his chest exposing his belly. This is a person who looks to be in his forties or a bit older (he may only look older because of what he’s been through). It was cruel and undignified.

He got away and came back on the plane and said he wanted to go home (he was dazed by this time, seems to have been hit in the head at some point). At this point, other passengers stood up and said they were leaving. United then cleared everybody to ‘clean up.’ I.e. get rid of evidence and blood (that’s my take).
Icing on the cake- CEO has apologized for ‘reaccomodating’ the passenger.

This is the face of the man who will be reaccomodating United’s profit margins and probably contributing toward the ‘reaccomodation’ of a few United employees.

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