Pelley vs Cernovich

I liked this section of the CErnovich/60 minutes interview, too.

“Mike Cernovich: … But then when Hillary Clinton is having you, coughing fits, well it’s allergies. Hillary Clinton seizes up, oh, it’s pneumonia. Right? So that’s what I mean. We’re willing, the confirmation bias says that you’re willing to take the Hillary Clinton campaign on their word. But that kind of benefit of the doubt would not be given to say, Donald Trump. If Donald Trump had some kind of seizure, and he said oh, it’s pneumonia, people would say oh, that’s alternative fact. And people wouldn’t accept that as true.

Scott Pelley: But the point is sh- The point is you didn’t check this story out. You didn’t have –

Mike Cernovich: Sure I did.

Scott Pelley: Multiple sources. You just, you have some guy who says he’s a doctor say that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease, and you put it out there as if it was true.

Mike Cernovich: Oh, he’s really a doctor though. Dr. Ted Noel, you can confirm that for yourself.

Scott Pelley: The point is, you didn’t talk to anybody who ever examined Hillary Clinton.

Mike Cernovich: Have you?

Scott Pelley: No. No.

Mike Cernovich: Have you?

Scott Pelley: I- this story’s not about me.”

Do I think Mike pushed the limits by claiming Clinton has Parkinson’s as thought it was a fact?  Yes, I do. Shrug. He didn’t tell us he had inside information from an unnamed source, he made it clear this was the analysis of a doctor who had not seen her.  It is easy enough for readers to decide for themselves how much faith they want to put in it.

Pelley stated for a fact that the only thing wrong was that Clinton had pneumonia, and he never talked to anybody who had examined Hilary, either, and the only source that told him pneumonia is a campaign.  Campaigns are in the business of lying about their candidates, and we also know for a fact that this campaign had lied repeatedly about her health- including 3 major lies on the day that she collapsed.    And unlike Cernovich, he did not make it plain that he hadn’t talked to anybody who examined her.  Asking Mike if he’d ever spoken to anybody who had clearly is intended to leave viewers with the impression that Mike is inferior to Pelley in this, and it turns out he doesn’t follow his own journalism standards (if we can call them that) for Hillary.

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