The Entire Legal Team Resigned

The Southern Poverty Law Center incorrectly labels Dr. Murray a “white nationalist…”

“Angry protesters shouted down an eminent scholar and sent a female professor to the hospital.
A crazed gunman entered a D.C. public policy shop and shot an employee before being disarmed.
Someone mailed a suspicious white powder to a Scottsdale advocacy group, partially closing the office while a Hazmat team tested employees who had been exposed.
The victims in each case were targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center.”

Founded in the early 70s, well after the Klan’s heyday and long after it took any species of courage or moral prescience, the SPLC rode to fame, popularity (and prosperity) by suing the remnants and a few other rag tag white supremacist organizations into hiding or bankruptcy.

In the mid eighties, they had essentially accomplished what they claimed they had set out to do. But institutions always exist to perpetuate themselves most of all.

The SPLC could have declared “mission accomplished.” But since funds were still coming in, they declared a new mission statement. No longer would they fight Grand Wizards and Jim Crow, but turned instead to an endlessly expanding target of “extremism.” The change in goals was so stark, the entire legal staff resigned.

They’ve received an F for the fund-raising, and essentially, anybody they disagree with becomes a far-right, white nationalist.
The put the Family Research Counsel on their anti-gay hate groups list, prompting a murderous attack on the organization that was thankfully foiled by a guard. But the main reason was the FRC is opposed to gay marriage. So was President Obama at that time.

A former ally referred to them as the Jim and Tammy Faye Baker operation.

Landing in their targets is dangerous, physically and financially. But it doesn’t mean a thing about your virtue and morals.
But we have known that for a long time now. When everything becomes racist, nothing much is anymore, and when everything the left dislikes is un-American, nothing is. These people have rendered these terms absolutely meaningless. They have untethered these charges from any kind of meaningful information.

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