Palm Tree and Vine

There are two different plants here, which is obvious in the pictures but was less obvious when I was standing in the hot tropical sun, hunching underneath the tree trying to get pictures.

The vine is, I am told by somebody who should know, a member of the tinospora species. One particular member of this species, but not, I think, this one, is very common in ayurvedic medicine so that’s the one that turned up the most while googling. There is some highly specialized and formal information about the general species here.

The other (the one with the pods) is, I am told, likely a Dypsis palm, and as there are only 170 species of Dysis to choose from, I am willing to stop here. But somebody else suggested a MacArthur Palm, which is native to Australia.  I don’t know if they’ve been commercialized for ornamental gardening in the Philippines. I am charmed by the photograph of the hornbill eating the fruit (top right side) on this page and hope that is what this may be.

Tinospora sp.
Dypsis Palm

These posts, btw,are not for people to actually *do* nature study from. You shouldn’t plop your kid in front of these pictures and ask for some nature study. These posts are for me, so I can look back at them and
see what was growing here in Davao City and when (I took these pictures mid February).

As a secondary goal, I hear from other missionaries in other parts of southeast Asia, homeschooling their kids and not sure what to do for nature study. So I hope maybe a few of these posts will help identify things they have already found and observed. Nothing beats observation in the real world.

If you have a palm or a vine like this around, here are some things you might notice:

the shape, size, and growth pattern of the leaves, branches, trunk (or vine stem).
The growth pattern of those ‘berries.’ Pick one and see what is inside (do not eat anything unless you are sure it is safe)
The feel of the vine or the trunk- smooth? Rough? hard? Soft?
How does it grow? Where does it grow?
For identifying the Palm tree, members of the plant ID group wanted to see the shape of the tree as a whole- some look like triangles, some look like Dr. Seussian characters….

What’s growing in your part of the world?

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