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Belgium Breads Illustration

Just because it’s so pretty: From The Baker’s Book: A Practical Hand Book of the Baking Industry in All … By Emil Braun, 1902

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Raising Children in the Faith

These are notes I put together a few years ago- I don’t remember why. I am moving files and deleting some and thought I’d just put this here. Raising Children in the Faith Know more about what we DON’T want to do than what we DO want to do. We parent in reactive vs proactive […]

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Hats to Colour, 1920

I like the picture above. I like the project.  But reading the article accompanying it is rather jaw-dropping. An Easter Bonnet An Idea for Grade IV: Frances Clausen (1920) “IN looking over the many things appropriate to Easter, nothing is perhaps more suited to the feminine part of our community than the Easter bonnet and […]

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Struggle Sessions and SElf-Criticism

Male Students Told To Confess Their Sins At ‘Masculinity Confession Booth.’   “A struggle session (simplified Chinese: 批斗会; traditional Chinese: 批鬥會; pinyin: Pī Dòu Huì) was a form of public humiliation and torture used by the Communist Party of China in the Mao Zedong era, particularly during the Cultural Revolution, to shape public opinion and […]

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Narration Ideas for Older Students

These are just a couple of ideas, suggestions, brainstorming- they are not required, you don’t have to do it this way, and I am sure there are other approaches.  They are for students who have been narrating orally and understand it.   You might have a student write a list of the main points of […]

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